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Tespack Launching Partnership with UNDP Colombia First Project in South America   We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Colombia, supporting local governments in reconciliation, peace-building, and access to justice in various municipalities across the country. End of 2022, UNDP staff received the first Smart Solar Media […]

Tespack in Collaboration with Nvidia – Joining INCEPTION’s program Shaping the Future Of Mobile Energy Tespack’s collaboration with NVIDIA, a leader in AI chipsets, is a significant milestone. Through NVIDIA’s “Inception” program, aimed at accelerating startup evolution with cutting-edge technology, we gain access to opportunities, expert guidance, strategic financing, and the latest technical resources. This […]

Harnessing Innovative Technology in Challenging Learning Environments   We are excited to share about our recent partnership with Save the Children Finland. The focus of this partnership is to further the education and learning of children living in challenging environments where Save the Children Finland carries their programs. Together, we are piloting our Smart Solar […]

Partnership with Government of Zambia  Establishing a Manufacturing Hub to Energize 800+ Schools in Zambia Exciting strides are being made as we proudly unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Zambia. This partnership marks the inception of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, dedicated to producing Smart Micro Grid Systems (SSM-systems) that will energize […]

CASE STUDY – Powering Refugee Camps  In the heart of Uganda, Africa’s largest refugee host, providing sanctuary to over 1.5 million people, World Vision has been making significant strides in community engagement and supporting refugee camps. At the forefront of this transformative effort is the implementation of Tespack’s Solar Smart Media (SSM) system. Since April […]

Tespack Powering Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose Joining Forces with TOLK (Touch One Life Kenya) and Fingo In a world where over a million people lack access to energy and nearly 40% of the population remains disconnected from the internet, and where tackling crucial social issues requires innovative thinking, technology with a purpose lies at the […]

Selected to join Mastercard Lighthouse Massiv Partnership Programme At Tespack, our unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and meaningful social change has always been at the core of our mission. We are thrilled to announce some exciting news: Tespack has earned a coveted spot in Mastercard’s esteemed Lighthouse MASSIV Partnership Programme. Among thousands of companies, we […]

Academy of Sciences and Engineering for Africa Development (ASEAD) Bringing Access to Digital Education & Solar Energy to DR Congo For the past year, since mid 2022, Academy of Sciences and Engineering for Africa Development (ASEAD) has been utilising Tespack’s Smart Solar Media (SSM) system as part of their educational activities in the rural regions […]