Tespack in Collaboration with Nvidia – Joining INCEPTION’s program

Tespack in Collaboration with Nvidia – Joining INCEPTION’s program

Shaping the Future Of Mobile Energy

Tespack’s collaboration with NVIDIA, a leader in AI chipsets, is a significant milestone. Through NVIDIA’s “Inception” program, aimed at accelerating startup evolution with cutting-edge technology, we gain access to opportunities, expert guidance, strategic financing, and the latest technical resources. This partnership enhances our Smart Mobile Micro-grids, reflecting our dedication to innovation in renewable energy. The integration of NVIDIA’s powerful technology demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries in sustainable energy solutions, particularly in the machine learning space.

NVIDIA Inception Support:

Tespack is proud to be part of NVIDIA’s Inception program, designed to accelerate the growth of startups through advanced technology, investor networking, and access to cutting-edge tools. Thanks to this support our team members and engineers now have access to their free courses and workshops through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Additionally, unlimited access to the NVIDIA developer forums facilitates knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving. Most importantly priority access to their very sought GPUs and architecture engineers. 

Collaboration Details:

The upcoming collaboration with NVIDIA is set to transform Tespack’s products by integrating powerful GPUs into our hardware. Our primary focus will be on optimizing algorithms, enhancing performance, and introducing innovative solutions across various industries. Leveraging NVIDIA’s GPU capabilities, Tespack is committed to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. All AI processing currently is cloud-based; our goal is to make each of our machines in different geographical locations around the world a data processing and learning unit through TinyML. This approach, combined with cloud computing and our entity NIKOLA, will output better battery decay calculations and recycling processes. We are aiming to not be limited to cloud computing.


Founded by Jen-Hsun Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowsky, NVIDIA is a renowned leader in GPU design and manufacturing. Pioneering accelerated computing, NVIDIA addresses unique challenges, developing cutting-edge chips, systems, and software for AI-driven industries. Their AI solutions empower companies to establish AI factories, achieving unparalleled levels of graphics realism through ray tracing. NVIDIA’s impact spans various sectors, revolutionizing the automotive industry with applications in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving car platforms. Healthcare institutions also benefit from NVIDIA’s AI, shaping the future of medicine.

Tespack: Creating the Future of Energy:

At Tespack, our vision has always been to bring energy to the most remote corners of the earth. Our products support communities, rescue teams, astronauts, scientists, and remote workers by providing access to the latest technology that enables them to create their energy. Tespack’s coming technology aims to increase charging speed, increase battery lifetime, and most importantly track energy and its impact.

We are truly looking forward to the collaboration to continue taking our  technology to new heights