Partnership with Government of Zambia Establishing a Manufacturing Hub to Energize 800+ Schools in Zambia

Partnership with Government of Zambia

 Establishing a Manufacturing Hub to Energize 800+ Schools in Zambia

Exciting strides are being made as we proudly unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Zambia. This partnership marks the inception of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, dedicated to producing Smart Micro Grid Systems (SSM-systems) that will energize over 800 schools across the region. Beyond delivering cutting-edge educational technology, our venture aims to catalyze employment opportunities, fostering comprehensive development in the area.


Lighting the Path to Knowledge: Manufacturing Hub for Rural Schools

Our commitment transcends the production floor as we embark on a mission to digitally revolutionize 800 rural schools in Zambia. This initiative encompasses not only providing students with access to energy but also delivering vital digital content and essential training for teachers. By doing so, we aspire to dismantle barriers, empower communities, and chart a future where education is boundless, extending energy and internet connectivity to the remotest corners of Zambia.

Smart Mobile Micro-Grids: Bridging the Educational Divide

Our Smart Micro Grid System goes beyond mere energy provision; it acts as a gateway to transformative internet connectivity. Can transform any space into a fully equipped classroom, our modular battery technology plays a pivotal role. Can power various devices at different voltages without the requirement of a converter, these batteries can function independently or unite to form versatile power stations. 

The Smart Mobile Micro-grid is user-friendly and it has been designed to remove the installation or maintenance phase, ensuring a seamless integration process. Additionally, it features an Energy Platform, allowing users to effortlessly locate the system, monitor reduced CO2 emissions, and showcase battery life cycles for timely recycling. By dismantling traditional barriers, our technology will support unrestricted learning, granting students access to the latest digital education and facilitating virtual training for teachers, even in the most remote areas.


Proven Technology, Global Impact

Our SSM system has already made waves across the globe, tested and trusted by leading organizations in over 23 countries. Endorsed by influential entities such as the United Nations, UNDP, Unicef, EY, Plan International, Save the Children, World Vision, Audi Foundation, and more, the timing is optimal for scaling up. By establishing a local manufacturing hub, we aim to make our solutions more affordable in the region, ensuring optimal support for our customers.


Gratitude to Visionary Partners

A sincere thank you to our invaluable partners whose unwavering support fuels our mission. Special appreciation to Accelerated Growth of SMEs, the Embassy of Finland in Zambia, and EEP Africa. Your collaborative efforts drive us forward, accelerating positive change and fostering growth. Together, we are making a lasting impact on education and development.