Tespack Powering Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose Joining Forces with TOLK (Touch One Life Kenya) and Fingo

Tespack Powering Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose
Joining Forces with TOLK (Touch One Life Kenya) and Fingo

In a world where over a million people lack access to energy and nearly 40% of the population remains disconnected from the internet, and where tackling crucial social issues requires innovative thinking, technology with a purpose lies at the heart of this transformation. We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking initiative: Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose. This pilot program aims to revolutionize the way we engage with underserved communities, using cinema as a catalyst for change while also entertaining and educating.

A Cinematic Revolution for Social Change

The most challenging places to reach, educate, or entertain are usually those with no infrastructure. For this reason, we are introducing Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose, an initiative that harnesses the power of technology to address these pressing challenges.

Our pioneering program combines the magic of movies with the urgency of social advocacy. Instead of commercials, we offer constructive content and testimonials based on the subject or topic. We showcase the latest movies and broadcast these movies in remote areas where there is no existing infrastructure. This is possible due to our mobile battery system, innovative concept, and connectivity access.

We are tapping into a market of over 4 billion people who desire entertainment but lack access to streaming services due to energy and connectivity constraints. Our technology addresses this issue.

We are proud to collaborate with NGOs and partners who share our vision of using technology to create a better world.

Launching Micro-Cinema Nights with TOLK and Fingo

Our journey begins with the launch of the first remote Micro-Cinema in underserved areas, in collaboration with Touch One Life Kenya (TOLK) and Fingo. We all treasure the enchantment of a movie night spent with loved ones, and it’s this very experience that we aim to replicate in the farthest corners of the world. Our Micro-Cinema Nights not only bring the joy of cinema to these communities but also facilitate transformative social change through engaging campaigns.

TOLK, a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, is dedicated to the holistic empowerment and development of community members. TOLK’s project encompasses a range of critical pillars, including economic empowerment, addressing sexual and gender-based violence, community engagement, mental health support, and humanitarian aid.

Partnering with Fingo, we will provide the system to this organization and assist in monitoring the output and measuring the impact of this pilot program. Our goal is to scale up in Kenya and eventually across all of Africa.

Educating for Change and Not Preaching: Addressing FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) with a Different Approach

In regions of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, there still exists a cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). According to the WHO, “Female genital mutilation comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.” This practice has caused immense physical and psychological suffering and is deeply rooted in communities with limited resources. It perpetuates a vicious cycle in some communities. Usually, girls undergo FGM as a rite of passage into adulthood. Subsequently, they are married early in life and start families, missing out on educational opportunities and the chance to fulfill their potential.

Past efforts, such as seminars and presentations, have yielded no results, as educating people individually on this topic is challenging. Our approach involves using media to reach more people in less time and teach while entertaining. During our pilot, we will showcase “Queen of Katwe,” a moving film about a young Ugandan girl who becomes a chess master. Instead of commercials, we will feature anti-FGM messages and testimonials from various people throughout the movie.

Knowledge is the First Step Towards Driving Change – Using Commercial Times to Educate Communities

Through our initiative, we are committed to using “commercial times” to educate communities about the devastating consequences of this practice. While the topic is often shrouded in silence, we believe that knowledge is the first step towards driving change. We are not merely teaching; we are spreading awareness about the reasons behind the harm of this practice, employing a completely different approach that is accepted by elders and tribal leaders. Simultaneously, our aim is to draw people to our screenings, rather than going to them individually.

Communities are tired of being lectured. We are taking an entertaining approach to seamlessly spread the message throughout communities while they enjoy a movie.

By shedding light on this pressing issue, we are determined to challenge societal norms and bring about transformational change. Collaborating with organizations like TOLK and Fingo, we aspire to contribute to the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation and ensure a safer and healthier future for women and girls.

In the past, TOLK has reached 3000 people a year through old-fashioned processes such as lectures. We are aiming to reach 3000 people in the first week alone with the following partners: 

  • Safe Engage Foundation SEF Regesterd~ CBO,  
  • World Vision- Kenya Big Dream Phace III
  • Migori Gender Actors~ NGO
  • Ministry Of Jesus Churches MJC~ Faith Based Organization
  • Community Health Volunteers CHV
  • Community Elders

Scaling for Impact: From Micro-Cinemas to Streaming Services

This pilot project marks the inception of Micro-Cinema Nights with Purpose. Our vision extends beyond these initial steps. We are working towards partnering with major streaming service providers to bring cinematic experiences to even the most remote and marginalized areas. Through these efforts, we aim to foster social awareness, spark conversations, and empower individuals to drive change within their communities.

Additionally, we are creating the world’s first green mobile cinemas, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable development and environmental consciousness.

Join Us on This Journey

If you represent a streaming service that wants to reach 4 billion people without electricity or internet access, please contact us. We are seeking content partners such as HBO, Netflix, Disney, or anyone passionate about making a meaningful impact and joining us on this transformative journey. Together, we can build a world where cinema not only entertains but also empowers, educates, and uplifts communities.

To get involved or learn more about this initiative, please contact us at info@tespack.com. Your support can be the driving force behind positive change and a brighter future for all.