Collaborating with Team Kenya in Bringing Access to Remote Areas of Kenya

Collaborating with Team Kenya in Bringing Access to Remote Areas of Kenya

Celebrating Kenya’s Independence Day at Buckingham Palace

We are delighted to unveil an inspiring collaboration with Team Kenya, a distinguished British NGO deeply committed to empowering girls and women in Kenya, with a profound emphasis on promoting education. This exciting partnership marks a pivotal step in our collective mission to extend the reach of digital education to the farthest corners of Kenya, nurturing and supporting the professional growth of young girls within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs. 

Furthermore, we are thrilled to share exciting news about an upcoming event of great significance – a celebration of Kenya’s Independence Day at the iconic Buckingham Palace, where Team Kenya is poised to play a substantial role in the festivities, given their amazing efforts and dedication to the betterment of girls and women’s lives in Kenya through education and empowerment.

Who is Team Kenya and What Do They Do?

Team Kenya is a distinguished British non-governmental organization with a clear mission: to educate girls, empower women, and transform communities in Kenya. This organization is deeply committed to addressing the challenges that prevent girls from receiving an education. With a strong focus on gender equality, Team Kenya works tirelessly to give girls in rural Kenya the same opportunities and access to education as their male counterparts.

The Educational Challenges in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country, but it faces significant educational challenges, especially for girls. School drop-out rates are extremely high due to early pregnancy, forced marriage (43% of Kenyan girls are married between 15 and 17), violence, illness (20.7% of the population in Ndhiwa is HIV positive) and poverty (80% of the girls and women live in extreme poverty). Team Kenya strives to change this narrative by providing girls with the tools and support they need to complete their education, set themselves up for the future, and pursue their dreams.

Team Kenya’s Impact

Team Kenya’s work has left a profound impact on the lives of many girls in Kenya. Their initiatives have contributed to higher school enrolment rates and better educational outcomes for girls. Indeed, by the end of 2023 it is forecast that over 96% of the girls in their partner schools will progress to secondary school. 

By focusing on community-driven development projects, they are making a real difference, not only in education but also in empowering girls to reach their full potential.  Over the last 15 years, they have directly impacted the lives of over 85,000 marginalized community members and improved educational opportunities for over 25,000 vulnerable girls.

Taking Digital Education to Remote Areas of Kenya 

Tespack is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Team Kenya, embarking on a transformative journey to extend digital education to the most remote corners of Kenya. Together, we share a common vision – to empower young girls and inspire them to explore STEM programs, equipping them with essential skills for a brighter and more promising future. This endeavour is made possible through our innovative Smart Solar Media System (SSM), an all-encompassing solution that can turn any space or a room into a fully equipped digital classroom by accessing different audiovisual content. By merging cutting-edge power electronics, solar panels, and IoT software for device tracking and energy generation, we are making it possible to teach and educate in any location. With our unique software platform, one can also monitor and measure the amount of green energy generated, as well as the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Celebrating Kenya’s Independence Day at Buckingham Palace

In a momentous event, we are excited to share that, thanks to the remarkable contributions of our partner, Team Kenya, the founder and trustee Val Wilson and her team have been invited to address a special gathering at Buckingham Palace on 24th October. This event will celebrate Kenya’s Independence Day and will be attended by His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Camila. It’s a testament to the incredible work being done to empower girls in Kenya and a recognition of the positive impact that our collaboration with Team Kenya is having. 

Val Wilson comments, “It is an extremely exciting time for Team Kenya, and it is an honor to be recognized by the palace for our tireless work. We are delighted to partner with Tespack and create further impactful change in the lives of girls and women.”

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