Tespack Launching Partnership with UNDP Colombia

Tespack Launching Partnership with UNDP Colombia

First Project in South America

We are excited to share our new partnership with UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Colombia, in supporting their work in strengthening the implementation of local and regional models in accessing justice in different municipalities in Colombia. During this Autumn their personnel received the first Smart Solar Media (SSM) systems to start working on the field while our CEO Mario Aguilera had the pleasure to visit the team during this month, in providing further training and support.

UNDP Colombia focused on the implementation of Local and Rural Justice Models

UNPD Colombia’s work focuses on different thematic approaches, one of them being towards strengthening the implementation of the Local and Rural Justice Models, in giving justice to the communities. While working under this program, UNDP Colombia discovered that one of the key challenges  within the model, the shortage of energy that can occur in a volatile way within the territories, can be a source of conflict. This means that institutions and Civil Society Organizations do not have alternative energy sources and cannot provide their services to the community and they are affected by the situations. In other words, there would be a need for a solution that can ensure access to services in the most remote parts of the country.

Tespack helping UNDP with the solution in Colombia

The Smart Solar Media System (SSM) is an all-in-one solution that combines hardware and software and can turn any room into a smart digital classroom at a very affordable cost while being highly portable. With the SSM system, educators and teachers can access different educational content while charging their mobile devices and generating energy from the sun.

The UNDP is among these organizations who use the SSM system to carry out lessons, workshops, training and other educational activities in rural regions. The UNDP department will be providing the SSM system for Civil Society Organizations and institutions that guarantee fairness to the community as part of their on-going work in ensuring justice in rural regions of Colombia.

Stay tuned as we will share more information and statistics about this project´s impact.

Smart Solar Media System

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