Harnessing Innovative Technology in Challenging Learning Environments

Harnessing Innovative Technology in Challenging Learning Environments


We are excited to share about our recent partnership with Save the Children Finland. The focus of this partnership is to further the education and learning of children living in challenging environments where Save the Children Finland carries their programs. Together, we are piloting our Smart Solar Media (SSM) system in Eastern and Southern Africa during this year.

At the core of this partnership is our award-winning Smart Solar Media System (SSM), a technology designed to transform any space into a classroom or office by providing access to energy for powering mobile devices while accessing digital content thanks to audiovisual technology tools. This innovation is particularly crucial in remote areas with unreliable access to sustainable energy.


Accessing Learning in Challenging Regions

“We have selected two challenging program countries, Somalia and Sudan, where the backpacks will be utilized in our child protection and humanitarian projects,” says Katja-Selkimäki-Grey, Head of International Portfolio at Save the Children Finland. The testing also extends to Zambia, specifically the Copperbelt region, where a long-term child protection project is underway.

“Technology without partners is an empty vessel. Together with Save the Children, we can focus on creating a better future for children, especially those living beyond the reach of the power grid”, as shared by Tespack’s CEO about this partnership and its importance for the company.

Camilla Ekholm, Manager for Global Corporate Partnerships, echoes the importance of technology, saying, “It is great to see that we can partner with companies whose innovative technological solutions enable us to operate and implement our programs even in challenging conditions, in areas which, for example, are off the power grid.”

This collaboration exemplifies the potential of technology and partnerships in effecting positive change, especially in remote and challenging regions. As Tespack’s SSM solution undergoes piloting, Save the Children Finland and Tespack are committed to sharing insights into its application in their programs in the coming months.

The initiative stands as a beacon, illustrating how joint efforts can support child rights globally, especially in regions facing educational challenges.