Empowering More Than 2600 Girls in Less Than a Week Raising Awareness against Female Genital Mutilation

Empowering More Than 2600 Girls in Less Than a Week

Raising Awareness against Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) remains a pressing global issue, with approximately 200 million girls and women affected across 31 countries. In response to this challenge, Tespack joined forces with Touch One Life (TOLK) and Fingo to embark on an ambitious mission to eradicate FGM and empower young girls in Kuria, Kenya. Leveraging the power of movies, technology, and community engagement, TOLK, in partnership with various organizations, achieved remarkable success of 97.2% saying NO to FMG from the girls that attended the event.

Movie Night s with Purpose: Showcasing Movies as an Approach to Eradicating FGM

Tespack, TOLK and Fingo  initiated a groundbreaking project in collaboration with schools in Kuria, Kenya, with the aim of eradicating FGM. They selected the movie “Queen of Katwe,” set in Uganda, to convey a powerful message of empowerment and transformation.

The movie “Queen of Katwe” tells the inspiring story of a young girl growing up in poverty in Uganda who discovers her talent for chess. Her journey takes her from the slums to becoming a world champion, reshaping her life in unimaginable ways. This narrative resonated strongly with the target audience and served as a catalyst for change.

In between the screenings, powerful discussions were held, shedding light on the devastating impact of FGM on women. Attendees shared their personal stories, contributing to a heightened awareness of the profound short and long-term consequences of this harmful practice which really awakened a lot of awareness on the physical and mental challenged this practices can leave on girls and woman.

Powerful Collaborations for empowering girls

The secret sauce behind the success of our projects? Having partners who bring diverse skills to the table. We faced a big challenge – the lack of technology and energy access in remote areas. That’s where Tespack came in. We teamed up with TOLK, an NGO spreading awareness about FGM in schools. Together, we used Tespack’s innovative technology – a portable solar power smart micro-grid with audiovisual features. With Tespack’s Smart Solar Media (SSM) system, TOLK was able to turn different spaces into smart classrooms and even brought movies to places that needed them the most.

And our friends at Fingo? They’re like tech wizards! They set up a tech hub with all the latest humanitarian gadgets. This hub is like a playground for Kenyan NGOs, where they can test and use the best tech to help people. It’s been a game-changer, especially for projects like TOLK, which got to try out the latest technology.

But here’s the real magic – our message of empowerment reached more than 2500 girls in just five days. How? Well, we had some amazing schools join us in this mission to empower girls. Let me introduce them:

  • On September 11th, we had the awesome Tarang’anya Boys High School in Kuria West.
  • September 12th, we hung out with the fantastic Nyaroha Girls in Kuria East.
  • September 13th was all about the cool kids at Kehancha Mixed Secondary School in Kuria West.
  • September 14th, we had a blast with the Moi Nyabohanse Girls in Kuria West.

And on September 15th, we wrapped things up with the wonderful St. Joseph Kegonga Mixed Secondary School in Kuria East.

These partnerships are making a big difference. They’re tearing down barriers, giving girls the freedom to dream big, and helping those dreams come true. Together, we’re changing lives, one partnership at a time.

Making education more inclusive and scalable

In the past, TOLK reached 3,000 people a year through traditional lectures. However, within just five working days, the initiative managed to reach 85% of the girls in remote areas in both Kuria East and West in Migori County. This accomplishment was remarkable considering the challenges posed by poor infrastructure and the lack of electricity which highlights the importance of technology and energy in remote areas.

This project not only expanded at a very rapid speed but these project also supported special learners, including those with psychosocial disabilities and students at schools for the deaf. The subtitled movie facilitated their engagement, and sign language teachers helped convey the message effectively to help girls from all backgrounds and ensure the message did not leave no one behind.

A Strong Message Against FGM

Out of 2,651 girls reached, an impressive 2,576 girls unequivocally rejected FGM, underscoring the significant impact and heightened awareness generated by this transformative initiative.

In conclusion, the collaborative effort of Tespack, TOLK, Fingo, and the participating schools in Kuria, Kenya, has demonstrated the potential for change and empowerment in the fight against FGM. By harnessing the power of movies, innovative technology, and community engagement, this initiative has not only raised awareness but has also empowered thousands of girls to say NO to FGM and embrace a brighter. 

There is a lot more work to do therefore if you want to join this campaign expand its impact, feel free to reach us out to info@tespack.com .

To get involved or learn more about this initiative, please contact us at info@tespack.com. Your support can be the driving force behind positive change and a brighter future for all.