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Highest Solar Cells Efficiency

Up to 22% Efficiency

Tespack´s Solar Panels have one of the highest solar efficiency cells in the consumer market. We provide up to 22% solar efficiency, whereas most competitors provide up to 19%. More efficiency means smaller solar panels and shorter waiting times for charging. We can also  provide less efficient cells for budget projects; Polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells. We also have access and knowledge for the usage of different solar technologies such as CIGS, amorphous cells, etc. 

Our labs have access to 40% cells and also colored solar cells. Depending on needs or project, we can customize the products . From a price point we don't manufacture energy products with the highest efficiency unless requested due to production costs.

Durable & Light

Dust proof & Water resistant IP65

Durability and lightness is one of our main focuses. Our energy experts and R&D team keep in mind all of these factors when innovating solar energy solutions. All Tespack solar panels are water resistant and dust proof to ensure they work in the most extreme weather conditions. Our lamination can guarantee  the longest duration in the consumer sector which is more than 3 years. 

Tespack also holds various certifications; CE, RoHS, IP65 as well as other certifications to ensure we provide the best quality.

Modular Solar Panels

More people more power

Our technology goes beyond providing the highest solar efficiency cells and durable solar panels. We believe the answer to energy generation starts from creating solutions that can be modular and can adapt according to the needs of the user. For this reason all our solar panels are modular and able to be joint together to build a mobile Solar power plant. 

This type of modular concept allows people to be energy independent, as they can carry their own solar panels and use them individually but when more energy is needed you can also use it as a group collectively, to generate more power.

Tested by Experts

Astronauts, Scientists and Extreme Adventurers

At Tespack putting our products to lab tests and passing quality control is not enough. We know from experience that a lab tests is not the same as field tests. We work on development with the DEDA approach (Deep empathy development approach), which means that all our C class personnel tests and use our products to ensure they are of the highest quality. Our products are used by rescue teams and people whose lives rely on our products when they are on the field. For this reason we have experts in different industries who do test our products in the most extreme climate conditions to ensure our solar technology and products have been designed to be reliable and provide the best experience in different climates.

Our Solar panels have been tested by Astronauts carrying Mars analogs simulations in places like the Sahara desert (similar conditions to Mars).  Scientists who work studying the glaciers of Antarctica and many more extreme adventures who travel to the craziest rural regions. Tespack has a community that provides us the best feedback in real life conditions. If you are a nomad contact us and let's test together what we develop.