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Geofencing & SOS alerts

Our innovative software platform has geofencing features so that institutions can create safety zones and receive SOS notifications if personnel go outside safe areas. There are different levels of security and location management. 

GPS tracking

GPS tracking provides a new level of security for off-grid workers and personnel. We have used proprietary anti-kidnapping and post-kidnapping features and hardware in order to locate missing personnel or monitor the well being in cases of emergency. 

Locate missing equipment, disable stolen equipment and monitor usage.

Remote controlling of (individual) power banks and battery systems

Control power banks remotely through our software platform. In case of  theft, you can disable or block power banks remotely.

Battery (Live) status and overall health battery cell monitor

Track accurate recycling times, battery usage and performance. We monitor battery usage and cycles.  Our platform is able to show when you need to recycle, replace and also provide maintenance on your batteries.

CO2 emission tracking and reduction

Our energy platform helps organizations to know exactly how much energy has been created from the sun or from the grid. Customers and organizations can calculate and report how much CO2 emissions has been reduced with real data collected from the field when using our solar panels. This provides a new level of transparency for donors if you are an NGO or for reports if you work in the public sector.

Circular economy and recycling support

We work directly with all our component and parts manufacturers. Battery recycling is one of the biggest issues in the market. We can track this and thus provide better ways for recycling. We aim to refurbish products with battery cells and provide many life cycles when possible in order to support a circular economy with our customers.

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