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We utilize batteries and chemistries according to projects and needs. Batteries are like cars; you need to use the right type for the right application and user case. At Tespack, we aim to provide optimum products and technologies with the safest experience.

Non Combustible Battery - Coming Soon

Altitude, temperature and weather conditions affect the performance of a battery. We have been researching the usage of non-combustible batteries for nearbody application products such as helmets and power vests (construction).

Ultra Light Power Banks - Powering Laptops

Say goodbye to those days carrying car batteries to power big devices. Our power banks weigh less than 550 grams and are able to charge Laptops, smartphones, projectors, satellite phones or devices with voltages ranging from 5V, 12V, 16V and up to 19V.

Modular Battery systems (Patent Pending) - Accepted at the Airports. Combined systems of up to 300W.

Avoid waiting weeks for your personnel to be fully equipped. Our systems can be carried on planes. You do not need to search for logistic companies that are authorized to ship dangerous goods and pay exorbitant prices for transport. Your personnel can have energy at all times and join their power banks to build power stations according to their needs with different voltages.

Ultra Fast Charging - Coming Soon

Meet the Future of battery charging. Our upcoming batteries can be fully charged within minutes and are non-combustible! We are able to charge a 2.900mAh battery (1 phone charge) in only 8 minutes!
Can you imagine what you can do with this tech?