Tespack Shortlisted at Huawei Startup Awards at Slush!

Tespack Shortlisted at Huawei Startup Awards at Slush!

8 Best Software Startups in the EU to compete at Slush

Tespack is thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted as one of the eight best software startups in the EU to pitch at the Huawei Startup Awards at Slush. 

Huawei Startup Awards 

Slush 2021’s main partner Huawei Finland has chosen the best eight software startups in the EU for its Startup Awards pitching competition. The chosen eight startups have been selected to give a pitch at the finals on Thursday, December 2nd at Slush.

The Huawei Startup Awards will provide the finalists the opportunity to do a 5-minute pitch of their best software tech solution. All eight finalists will meet with Huawei executives for a chance of startup cooperation and investment, and will be offered access to Huawei Cloud Platform, join a sparring workshop and receive 30,000 Euros cash.


Combining Software & Hardware


Tespack is really honoured and thrilled to have been selected, especially as our main focus has always been to provide the Future Of Energy. Our journey started by providing energy solutions to the consumer sector, scientists and astronauts during their Mars analogs so they could power their mobile devices from smartphones to laptops. Thanks to our first line of energy solutions “Smart Solar Smartpacks”, Tespack began to collaborate with NGOs and governmental entities as there was a need in the market for reliable, portable energy solutions that needed to be durable and light, a must when working in remote areas. As our own vision states, we build the Future Of Energy, so we continued to push the barriers of technology and merged Software and Hardware energy solutions to provide the best experience possible while equipping companies, rescue teams, governments and NGOs with the best safety solutions in remote areas.



Smart Solar Media System – Energy Platform 

The past year our energy experts have devoted their time to developing a Solar Media System that transforms any space into a smart school. Cutting costs from €120,000 needed to build a school, to a small fraction of €3500 with a sustainable modular energy system that has integrated media and sound system to turn any place into a smart classroom but with Smart Energy Features!.

The SSM  also provides an Energy Platform that can locate the SSM System , send SOS alerts to local authorities/NGO HQs to provide security to remote communities, illustrate the  reduction stats of the CO2 emissions during the project, send alerts when the battery life cycle of the batteries has concluded or when they have an error in order to ensure a replacement is sent on time.

This project was initiated in partnership with one of the largest NGOs, Plan International, and supported by Audi Environmental Foundation and Fingo, allowing this technology to be used in the most rural areas to support and bring digital education to more than 10 countries.

See you at Slush!

If you are heading to Slush this year, feel free to join us at our booth on the 1st December 2021 at Hall 7, stand F2 to check out the best mobile energy solutions or to power your mobile devices at the event. Join us on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at the Huawei Startups Awards.

Congratulations to the other 7 Software Selected Startups!

Inscripta – Helsinki

Inscripta has created a modern and cost-efficient solution designed for dictating, optimizing and storing patient notes onto a company’s health record system. The solution comprises of a dictation application, AI-powered speech recognition, and personnel and workflow management system.


Pazzing – Tromsø

Pazzing develops a new world of gaming experiences with innovative use of augmented reality (AR) – a world where gaming and collaboration is at the heart of the experience.


OutThink – Helsinki

OutThink is a revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform (SaaS) empowering CISOs by targeting the source of 90% of all data breaches: human behaviour.


VividQ – Cambridge

VividQ is powering a display revolution with computer-generated holography. Their software and IP enables realistic and immersive visual experiences in next-generation digital displays.


Gleechi – Stockholm

The learn-by-doing made possible with VR training improves engagement, knowledge retention and develops the confidence to apply new skills. Participants are able to experience dangerous scenarios and practice operational procedures and processes in safe virtual environments.


Walkbeat – Gothenburg

Analysing walking patterns, also known as gait, is crucial and a standard procedure in many healthcare segments such as mobility disorders, rehabilitation, performance training, clinical trials, R&D and more.


Wisear – Paris

The extent of the potential use cases of EEG is massive, ranging from medical diagnosis to control to relaxation. Wisear works on reducing the size and improving the looks of current EEG devices.

If you require more information or wish to start a partnership, feel free to reach out

Yesika Aguilera, Co-Founder & CMO at Tespack, info@tespack.com