Equal Access to Digital Education through Green Energy Tech

Equal Access to Digital Education through Green Energy Tech

COVID-19 has affected more than 1.6 Billion learners in more than 190 countries; the impact is more drastic in regions where there is energy shortage as digital solutions can not be implemented due to the energy scarcity. To make education possible during these critical times, the solution has to be digital as well as being energy independent. We are living in a digital society and failure to achieve this creates a gap and inequality in the education system, where the most up-to-date are those who can access energy and all of the opportunities this provides them.

Joining Powers with Plan International & Audi Environmental Foundation

For these reasons, Tespack has joined powers with Audi Environmental Foundation and Plan International Finland in order to close the digital education and entrepreneurial gap in places where there is lack of access to energy or shortage of energy. Together, we will collaborate and support Plan International Finland’s “Youth Smartup Factory” in Uganda during 2022 by providing the latest mobile sustainable energy tech that can turn any space into a smart classroom and power any needed mobile device to provide access to digital education. Or as World Economic Forum shared, imagine carrying a smart school in a bag.

Digital Education Powered with Sustainable Energy

Tespack´s Smart Solar Media system (SSM) can turn any space into a smart classroom by incorporating audiovisuals, solar energy and latest technology thus providing continuous power of up to 8 hours with one recharge. The SSM system has a modular battery system that can be used individually or be joined to turn it into a power station of 120.000mAh (up to 460W of energy). All this can be easily transported in commercial flights thus reducing the overall deployment times in cases of emergencies.

Powering Digital Education and Entrepreneurship

The “Powering Digital Education Project”will power the training centre workshops to carry out digital education in coding, computer skills and entrepreneurship  for at-risk youth between ages of 17–24. The project will create gender equality in digital skills while also reducing overall CO2 emissions thanks to its SMART Energy Platform that tracks how much energy has been created sustainably while informing when batteries need to be replaced thus supporting a circular economy.

Project supported by Audi Environmental Foundation

The Audi Environmental Foundation, founded in 2009, promotes green innovations for a livable future. For twelve years now, the Audi Environmental Foundation has been making an active contribution to environmental protection, thus shaping new paths for sustainable activity. The foundation’s commitment is multifaceted and of a long-term nature. In the projects it supports, the Audi Environmental Foundation focuses not only on nature and the environment, but also works toward a sustainable human-environment system. 

Three fields of action can be derived from it: 

GREENOVATION – combining traditional environmental protection with innovative technologies.

ENTHUSIASM – using a variety of projects and formats to get people excited about the environment 

RESPONSIBILITY – taking on social and ecological responsibility through targeted projects and thus giving back to society and the environment.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing energy data, educational milestones and goals achieved during this project.