Launching Teacher’s Village Piloting in Zambia

Launching Teacher’s Village Piloting in Zambia

Finnish-Zambian Consortium joins forces with Zambian Teachers Union

We are excited to share that earlier in September, Finnish-Consortium formed by Tespack and leading edtech companies Claned and Soprano, together with MEM Edtech and Onyx Connect, held a launch event in Lusaka. The event was facilitated by AGS Programme Zambia with the new Ambassador of Finland to Zambia, Saana Halinen, giving a keynote speech. At the event, we officially launched our piloting activities together with the Zambian Teachers Union (ZNUT), in bringing our Smart Solar Media (SSM) systems to rural parts of Zambia in providing access to educational content and training for the teachers.

Finnish-Zambian consortium piloting in Zambia

Back in April, we participated in the Finnish-Zambian Business Week in Lusaka, organised by the Finnish Embassy to Zambia and AGS Zambia. During the event, we launched our partnership with the Finnish-Zambian consortium and together with the Teachers Union of Zambia (ZNUT), we signed a MoU for our piloting activities to start in Zambia where we would provide teacher training and access to digital educational content and tools in rural parts of Zambia.

During the Autumn, the first pilot will take place in Zambia with the first teachers from the Teachers Union getting access to new types of educational material and teacher training content. Our collaboration project aims to strengthen the skills development, access to quality educational resources and tools for Zambian educators, with the support from the AGS Programme.

Tespack powering Teacher´s Village piloting with our Smart Solar Media System

Tespack´s main focus during this project is to power teachers with our Smart Solar Media (SSM) system that can turn any space into a digital classroom and provide access to digital content. The SSM system comes with a modular battery system of 120.000 mAh which powers a projector, 2 speakers, any mobile device like laptops, and a smartphone to provide all the tools needed to transform any space into a classroom. 

We are really thrilled to join forces with the leaders in the zambian education industry and AGS who is responsible for fostering the Finnish and Zambian ecosystem. Joining together our strengths to provide the latest digital education in Zambia.

Smart Solar Media System

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