Entrepreneurial International Programme

Entrepreneurial International Programme 

New Cohort

We are delighted to announce that Tespack has started the new cohort of international students and professionals who will be attending the Tespack International Student Entrepreneurial and Engineering Programme. Professionals and students from The Netherlands, India and Finland will be provided with access to a full experience of what it means to be an entrepreneur or engineer. From working on prominent projects with NGOs, government organizations and tech organizations, to learning how to network and creating business relations. The idea behind this programme is to build the coming professional leaders, engineers and entrepreneurs to prepare them for  the current market demands.

Meet the future

The future is what we seek to create and that is why we would like to introduce you to our new cohort, Lev, Dylan and Abderaghman from The Netherlands, Vipasha from India and Artur from Finland. They will come in contact with the vast experience of the Finnish Entrepreneurial ecosystem and be supported to develop their individual strengths even further. 

Meet Vipasha Matial from India 

‘’I’m excited about working at Tespack because I’ve read many articles about how they’ve achieved notable success in their specific field, and it inspired me to work harder on my career goals. It would be an honor to work for Tespack and contribute to their mission of conducting further research to find cures for certain conditions. My HR & Coordinator skills are strong, in addition to my close attention to detail and ability to work on different tasks. Along with my educational background, I know my skill set can flourish here.’’

Meet Lev van Ligtenberg from The Netherlands
‘’Hello everyone. My name is Lev van Ligtenberg. I am 18 years old and a student from Deltion College in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. Currently I am studying International Business. I feel honored that I can do my internship here with Tespack. I have a quote what I liked with this internship ”Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” I thought about this because going abroad was my only fear and fears are there to be overcome. I also think this is one of the biggest opportunities to improve my skills. I am really looking forward to my time in Finland and am very motivated to learn as much as possible‘’

Meet Dylan Janssen from The Netherlands
‘’Hello all, my name is Dylan Janssen, 18 Years old from the Netherlands and I am currently studying International business studies at Deltion College in Zwolle. As part of the study we get the opportunity to study abroad and I took that opportunity to develop myself and my skills at Tespack. I am excited to be working for and with Tespack. Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent. When I saw this quote I immediately thought of the adventure I started in Finland at Tespack and that this is the chance to find out where my interests and qualities lie and where I start my career as a young adult.’

Meet Abderaghman de Groot from The Netherlands

‘’Greetings to everyone! My name is Abderaghman de Groot and I am an 18-year-old young adult. I am currently attending a course in International Business Studies at the Deltion College, in The Netherlands. I felt drawn to Tespack, in view of the fact that I hold the company’s purpose in high regard. If I had to choose a purpose to pledge my support and services to, I would choose the cause of providing equal opportunities around the globe, which I am glad to do with Tespack and expand my knowledge and experience whilst doing so. “Learn to open your eyes to the possibilities, since there are a great deal of them.” – This is something I am definitely learning at Tespack and I am filled with gratitude because of that.’’

Meet Artur Truve from Finland
I first heard about Tespack from my teacher, who recommended me to apply there for my internship. The same night I looked into what Tespack does and its products. I was stunned by the smart solar media system and was so excited to maybe get a chance to work on it during my internship.
During my time here at Tespack, I’ve come to really like the people I’m working with, the work I do and all the skills and experience I’m gaining and can use in the future to advance my career in my field.


Shaping the coming leaders and professionals
Part of Tespack’s culture is about leaving our footprint in the world. We aim to achieve this in various ways whether it is through our technology that enables people to achieve their goals in remote areas through our mobile energy solutions or helping the coming generation to become the future leaders in technology and entrepreneurship through our student programmes where they are fully mentored by the founder themselves.

As a company we understand the labor market is experiencing skill shortages in the technology side, as well as we live in a volatile market so it is important to equip our young generations with essential skills that will help them be prepared for the market demands.

To take part in the Tespack International Student programme, feel free to contact Tespack at info@tespack.com