Tespack Launched in Zambia

Tespack Launched in Zambia

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Technology has definitely been the shaper of our communities and continues to dictate our growth as a society. Tespack truly understands the importance of this and has been focusing on developing technology solutions that can provide access to energy in off-grid regions. Our goal is to be the catalyst for young people, women and the most excluded communities to have access to more equal opportunities as in today’s market, everything works around digitalisation.

Tespack Launched in Zambia during Finnish Business Week

Earlier this month, Tespack launched its latest solutions in Zambia by showcasing their Smart Solar Media (SSM) system at the FinBiz week organized by the Finnish Embassy in Lusaka and AGS. Thanks to their support, we had the pleasure to invite and meet with leading organizations from Zambia such as Plan International, World Vision and Solidaridad Network, while also meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and Education. New partnerships and collaborations were forged with several organizations. During the FinBiz week, Tespack also had the opportunity to represent their technology solutions at the largest expo in Zambia, AgriTech Expo.

Signed Partnerships in Zambia

As a result of a successful launch event and thanks to the support from the Embassy and AGS, we are thrilled to announce major new partnerships that were signed. These collaborations will help in bringing digital education to the most rural regions while supporting local farmers having better access to latest technology and information.


Facts that make Audio Visual a must in education

Studies have found that, after three days, only 10-20% of written/spoken information has been stored in the long-term memory, but almost 65% of visual information can be recalled after three days. Other studies have found that an illustrated text is 9% more effective than text alone.

Partnership with Solidaridad Network

Solidaridad Network works in over 40 countries worldwide to create a fair and more sustainable supply chain. Inspired by 50 years of solidarity with under-resourced producer communities, they enable farmers, miners and workers to earn a decent income, shape their own future, and produce in balance with nature.

Tespack’s partnership with Solidaridad will enable digital training to farmers in remote areas with the newest techniques of farming helping the farming industry escalate at its full potential.

Partnership with Climate Smart Farming Project – GFF Consortium

Statistics carried out by the World Economic Forum show that around 70% of Africans make their living through agriculture and that technology could transform the way they work, in tackling some of the key challenges.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Green Fluent Foundation in Zambia, together with a Finnish consortium being formed by leading Finnish tech and edtech companies. Our focus is to bring the latest technology solutions for the local farmers and to support in creating smart farming practices. Stay tuned to learn more.

Partnership with Teachers Union Consortium

More than two-thirds of adult Zambians are literate, although the rates of literacy are significantly higher among men than women. For this reason, a collaboration has been started to equip teachers with advanced technology in order to teach in any rural regions of Zambia. This collaboration will bring access to the latest digital educational content for people living in rural regions.

A collaboration agreement has been signed between Tespack and Finnish companies of Soprano and Claned as well as with the Zambian Union of Teachers, Onyx Connect and MEM Edtech Solutions. This collaboration has been facilitated and continues to be supported by AGS. Stay tuned for coming updates!

Partnership with Plan Zambia

Since 1996, Plan International Zambia has been promoting children’s rights alongside communities, partners and the government. They support the most vulnerable children and their communities to be free from poverty, while tackling the root causes of issues girls are facing such as child marriage, teenage pregnancy, violence, exclusion and poverty.

The aim of this partnership will be to create further awareness about the harmful practices of child marriage among girls and how to inspire them to pursue further education to follow their dreams.

If you require more information or wish to start a partnership, feel free to reach out atThe whole Tespack team is very thrilled to have joined partnership with so many leading entities and we believe together we can truly make an impact. Stay tuned as we will be covering these projects in more detail in the coming weeks. If you wish to discuss about a potential partnership, feel free to reach us at info@tespack.com