Solidaridad Network in Mozambique and Zambia Carrying Out Capacity Building Sessions for Farmers

Case Study: Solidaridad Network in Mozambique and Zambia Carrying Out Capacity Building Sessions for Farmers

Since 2021, Solidaridad Network has been utilising the SSM system in Zambia and Mozambique in order to support local farmers with better access to information and farming techniques as part of training and workshops organised in the rural regions. By accessing new type of information, farmers have been able to equip themselves with good practices and needed knowledge that has a direct positive impact on their farming practices and increases their crop production.

Providing Access to Information and Best Practices in Rural Regions

Solidaridad Network manages programmes in Southern Africa where the majority of the region’s populations live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. In Mozambique and Zambia, Solidaridad has been focused in carrying out programs that support the usage of digital solutions that can build on existing tools and engage farming and mining communities while providing them with better access to information and best practices.

Rural communities are however hard to reach due to lack of transportation, roads and in general due to the often harsh environment and conditions, not to mention lack of access to electricity which makes working in these remote regions difficult. For this reason, having a portable energy solution that can work as a training center and digital school, can make the work easier and more practical for organizations such as Solidaridad Network.

By utilising digital solutions such as Tespack’s latest innovation Smart Solar Media (SSM) system, local farmers in Zambia and Mozambique can now access a wide range of content and information that supports their farming practices.

Tespack’s SSM System Supporting in Educating Around 22 000 Farmers in Mozambique

In Mozambique, in the Tete Province, Tespack’s Smart Solar Media (SSM) system has been used as part of the “Practice for Change” soy program where local farmers are being educated about best practices in regards to crop management and production, nutrition and gender equality. Tespack’s SSM system made it possible for Solidaridad to utilise audiovisual tools as part of their workshops and trainings sessions so that around 22 000 farmers were reached and could enjoy accessing new type of information and materials.

While in Zambia, Tespack’s SSM system has been utilised in the regions of Katete and Petauke where workshops have been carried out focusing on topics of pest and disease management as part of soy productions. By showcasing videos and other visual aid content, local farmers have been able to learn new farming techniques.

Achieved Benefits

Tespack’s SSM system has been developed to provide better access to digital content, in supporting agencies such as Solidaridad Network in carrying out workshops, trainings and capacity building sessions in rural regions. By having access to audiovisual content, Solidaridad Network has been able to utilise new type of materials and content as part of their workshops held for local farmers while having the opportunity to power their mobile devices and create energy form the sun by using Tespack’s high efficient portable solar panels. 

For more information about the Smart Solar Media system and how it can support the work of organisations in remote locations, please visit our Featured Solutions page.

Smart Solar Media System

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