Powering Mobile Health Clinics

Powering Mobile Health Clinics

Providing Better Access to Maternal Health Services and Information through Smart Energy

In Somalia one in twelve women die due to pregnancy-related causes as they face enormous risks according to the borgen project. One of the biggest complications is the fact that many women receive the medical services too late. This is a significant factor in maternal deaths. One of the reasons for this is lack of knowledge about complications and the benefits of modern health care services.

IOM, International Organisation for Migration, and Finland-Somalia Association work together in order to promote and improve the maternal and child health service delivery in Jubaland, Somalia as part of their Mobile Health Clinic project. Tespack began to collaborate with the Finland-Somalia Association during 2021 and as part of the existing Mobile Health Clinic project in Somalia, the Smart Solar Media (SSM) system has been supporting locals in rural regions with better access to health care information. Local women have been educated on the complications of childbirth while the SSM system has provided extra support for powering needed mobile devices during the project.

Tespack Collaborating with Finland-Somalia Association in Somalia

The maternal health services project is about helping women and children in the rural areas of Somalia, to provide them with access to health care services. The mobile health clinics will give many young women basic health services while helping thousands of children with treatments and access to basic medicine.

Finland-Somalia Association and its partner NGO in Somalia, Sahal Healthcare and Development Association, will promote and improve child and maternal health situation in Afmadow, Somalia, by scaling up the operations of a mobile health clinic in Afmadow town and its surroundings. The project will be conducted in a close collaboration with local health actors and Jubaland Ministry of Health. It builds on the Daryeel Mobile Health Clinic, which is financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Providing Better Access to Health Care Information and Training

Due to power shortages and lack of access to electricity in rural parts of Somalia, reaching communities and disseminating information about health care services has been a challenge during the project. These rural regions can be hard to reach with limited access to electricity which makes it difficult to organize workshops and training sessions for the locals.
By utilising portable energy solutions that can power all mobile equipment needed for teaching, while accessing audiovisuals for a better learning experience, as according to studies, learning can be improved by up to 400 percent when using audiovisuals as part of the teaching. Tespack’s Smart Solar Media (SSM) system provides locals, especially women and young people, access to education and information about their reproductive health.

The mobile unit will provide quality basic health services to 3300 pregnant women and women of childbearing age. Furthermore, the clinic will treat and give basic medicine to 8100 children.

During this collaboration, workshops can be held in rural areas to create further awareness of the maternal issues that could occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

How the Smart Solar Media System Works

Tespack’s Smart Solar Media system (SSM) can power any device up to 19 volt (i.e. projector, laptop, tablet, phones, etc.). By incorporating audiovisuals (projector and speaker), solar energy and latest power electronics, the system can provide continuous power of up to 8 hours with one recharge.

The SSM system has a modular battery system that can be used individually or be joined to turn it into a power station of 120.000mAh (up to 460W of energy). All this can be easily transported in commercial flights thus reducing the overall deployment times in cases of emergencies.

Imagine carrying a smart digital classroom in a bag, as shared by the World Economic Forum, made for remote teaching and learning.

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