Celebrating International Day of Education

Celebrating International Day of Education

‘’To Invest in People, Prioritize Education’’

In order to create a more sustainable world, we must invest in human capital and this can only be solved through the access to modern, quality education in all parts of the world.

Today, on the 24th of January, as we are celebrating the International Day of Education, it is good to remember that although many nations have taken great steps forward in investing into quality education, there are still more than 244M children who do not have access to education while around 771M adults remain illiterate.

Today, we are celebrating the fifth year of the International Day of Education under the theme “to invest in people, prioritize education”. This day provides us the opportunity to celebrate the advances taken in education but also to remind us how much development still is needed.

Tespack Providing Access to Digital Education

During the last few years, we have been working together with leading organizations such as Plan International, World Vision, UNICEF and UNDP in order to support their efforts in accessing digital education in rural regions. Our Smart Solar Media (SSM) system has made it possible to organize training, workshops and lessons in off-grid places by being fully portable, easy to take into the most remote regions. Together with our partners, we have been able to make a positive difference in the lives of children living in rural areas, by granting them access to high quality learning material and content.

Today, we are glad to share about our educational projects in countries such as CR Congo, Zambia, Kenia and Laos. In these countries, our SSM system is being utilized by educators and schools in order to carry out lessons, workshops and other educational activities.

Our Educational Projects around the World

In the DR Congo, we are currently working with the Academy of Sciences and Engineering for Africa Development ASEAD , in collaboration with Zenega Foundation, who are helping local communities by providing them with better access to digital education and information through the utilization of new types of educational content. The locals, mainly children, are also being taught on how to become self-sustainable and how they can utilize solar energy. 

Learn more about our on-going project in the DR Congo

In Laos, we are currently collaborating with UNICEF who is focused on supporting locals with access to education. With our SSM system, local schools in rural regions are able to benefit from accessing digital content such as Microsoft Learning Passport, while our charging system provides them the opportunity to charge their mobile devices while utilizing our portable solar panels to create energy fast and sustainably.

In Zambia, we are working with our local partner MEM Edtech Solutions, supporting us with our collaboration with the local Teachers Union (ZNUT). We are also working with Plan International Zambia who is using our SSM system as part of their campaign towards ending child marriages, disseminating information in rural regions and creating further awareness. Plan International Zambia has been able to use our SSM system in order to access new content and information while being able to collect data from the field through organizing surveys and workshops.

Learn more about the project in Zambia

In Kenia, we have been working with World Vision who has actively been utilizing our SSM system as part of their community engagement activities, organizing training in the most rural areas. World Vision works in the Kakuma refugee settlement and they have utilized the system as part of the food distribution program in order to reach more people and to provide training to the counselors and refugees.

If you require more information or wish to start a partnership, feel free to get in touch with us on info@tespack.com