Pilot Manufacturing Partnership with the
University of Engineering and Management in Jaipur – India

During the past 2 years Covid-19 affected manufacturing and disrupted the hardware industry globally; from IC shortages to component transportation in general, the logistics and whole hardware industry became difficult to deal with. Prototyping is one thing but ramping up production involves new tooling and processes that require high quality controls and specialised labour. Unfortunately due to the lockdown this was impossible for some companies due to the traveling restrictions imposed by Covid-19 but luckily, as per usual entrepreneurship taught us to find new alternatives and partnerships to find solutions.
At the end of 2021, we were excited to embark on a new partnership with the University of Engineering and Management (UEM) in Jaipur, India. The UEM is one of the most prestigious universities in India where they have taken a different approach in education as all last year students are also expected to be part of real company projects before graduting. Starting a partnership with the university allowed us to maneuver through some of the challenges that we faced at the time due to Covid restrictions as we were able to start manufacturing and assembly piloting in Jaipur while also supporting the last year students through training and technology transfer projects.

Pilot Manufacturing and Assembly in Jaipur – a Success Story

Now, we are glad to share that the first phase of this project has been successfully completed. Together, between the research associates, our engineers and founding executives at Tespack, we have created a manufacturing piloting process where the final year engineering students from the UEM have been part of the assembly process for our Smart Solar Media system (SSM), which is currently being utilized in off-grid regions worldwide. Our SSM system can provide around 8 hours of uninterrupted power for converting any room or a space into a smart digital classroom with state of the art HD projector, sound system and smart battery management system developed by us.

We also want to thank Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Research Associate Shopan Dey and Research Associate Afaq Ahman for their commitment and contribution as part of this project, while congratulating the first batch of students who have graduated from our programme: Rishita Das, Kingshuk Bairagi , Swagatta Dutta, Souhita Biswas.

Future Tespack Projects in Remote Areas – Local Assembly

After this successful piloting, we are experimenting with local manufacturing processes in order to provide employment opportunities for locals in different regions while at the same time providing maintenance and training to our customers locally in remote areas.

We were able to create the manufacturing process for a pilot unit factory in Jaipur that we will implement later in Zambia with our local partners for larger mass quantities, as most of our current projects and partners are based in the African continent

Stay tuned as more partnerships will be announced soon.

If you require more information or wish to start a partnership, feel free to get in touch with us on info@tespack.com