“Better to have 10 lions than a 1000 sheep” has always been the backbone for creating Tespack’s company culture. We believe that it is the team that makes the dream happen. No matter who your are, where you come from, what is your position in the company, everyone is treated equally and with respect and has a voice at Tespack.


Our biggest motivation is to create a change and make a difference in the world and in order to do this, we want to make sure that the people we work with, are as passionate about this as we are. We are a small company and look constantly for talented people. People who have  the willingness and attitude to become better day after day and not stay the same as when they started in the company.

For us, having the right attitude and personality outweighs skills or sometimes in some cases TALENT. Talent is natural for some people but we believe that people who have skill and an indomitable will to learn can also learn what talented people can do naturally and in some cases even surpass experts. Thus for us personality, attitude and willingness to work is what matters more than talent.


At Tespack, we do not have employees or founders. We have leaders and this is what makes Tespack unique. We support, train and advise anyone who joins the company to become a leader and not an employee, to become part of the Tespack gang or family you need to be able to show you want to lead in your field, circle and also life. Yes, you read it right. We are like a gang, we are real and transparent with each other and encourage honesty in our circle. Being part of the Tespack team means that once you are in you will have a whole company behind you in the good and bad times.

Want to be part of the Tespack gang? Do you want an adventure and are you ready to find your limits? Then contact us and lets talk some more!