Last week there were many reports of places reaching low temperatures, one them being Finland reaching a shivering temperature of -10 degrees. With the average temperatures dropping to -9! This recorded temperature meant extra precautions were to be made to keep warm. In Finland at winter, you can expect at least 4 months of constant snow, during this period it’s very likely to find temperatures to drop all the way to – 20 degrees. To put this in perspective… the warmest month in Antarctica reached an average temperature of -28 degrees!

Some of the coldest countries like iceland (I mean it’s in its name), Mongolia, Estonia among anyone living in scandinavian countries you’d wonder how people are able to function. Especially in our modern day lives where technology plays such a huge role. In 2018 it was recorded that approximately 4.57 billion of the world’s population on a mobile device, and with people living in countries with extreme winters how are they able to keep their devices working?

What happens:

The normal temperatures that is said your phone can handle is between 0 and 35 degrees.

When the devices are turned off then you can stretch them to withstand temperatures from – 20  to 45 degrees and stops your phone from breaking when you’re out in the cold. (this tip will work most of the time) but, what good is your phone if you can use it?

  • At 10ᵒ C: Most of the phones experience a slight dimming of the display.
  • At -10ᵒ  C: Some phones face battery issues making the phone perform a lot slower.
  • At -20ᵒ C: Most of the phones turn off automatically
  • At -30ᵒ C: Most of the phones suffer major LCD and battery problems
  • At -40ᵒ C and above: All phones were declared inoperable

What you can do:

  • Protect the battery by keeping it warm in your pockets, next to your body or just simply in your handbag. Lithium-ion batteries have a liquid inside that can freeze in extreme cold conditions, which means that there is no juice for it to function properly.
  • If you need to use your phone out in the cold, the best way to overcome this is to purchase an insulated cold weather phone case or phone pouch. This is perfect to protect your devices in those colder temperatures and maintain your phone’s standby time for longer under low temperatures. Hand warmer pockets are also great to utilise! Not only will it protect your phone, but will also keep your fingers warm too – Just ensure it doesn’t overheat
  • To protect your battery in these temperatures, it’s best not to charge your devices in extremely cold temperatures. During this time, the battery is already strained by the conditions so if you start charging, it can cause even more damage and leading to the dysfunction of your devices. The way to overcome this is to ensure you charge your devices before you step outside. Charing whilst in warmer conditions will maintain battery life for much longer and preserve efficiency.

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