The truth about Fast Charging Technology 


There was a time when mobile phones hardly had a display, the battery runtime was 10 times longer than what modern smartphones have today, and yet, the battery had just a fraction of smartphones’ battery size and could be charged in less than an hour. Today, smartphone’s batteries have more than tripled in size due to the energy needs to run big screens, multiple applications with GPS and internet connection. Smartphones can be charged from the same power 2.5W USB port like in previous times, but this results in slow charging or not charging the device at all if being used, thus creating a need for Fast Charging Technology for devices in the consumer market. 

The truth about Fast Charging Technology

Fast Charging Technology is a term that has been overused and abused by many companies to differentiate themselves in the market. Raising the question in consumers, what is really fast charging? Can those products really provide what they claim to do without having any small disclaimer saying otherwise? Therefore read below, as we uncover the truth about all the tricks!

Faster than PC speed: Many products claim to be using Fast Charging Technology simply because they charge faster than most USB ports (power banks or PCs) but provide the same speed as the traditional 2.5W USB port. It is not really fast charging technology when it charges at the same speed as the traditional speed but the term can be used as it is still faster than the PC USB port.

Lie about the battery size: Many uncertified products, mainly power banks, claim to have a bigger battery capacity than in reality, and in some extreme cases half the size creating an illusion that it can be charged a lot faster. Our advice is always to buy from credible companies who are certified and provide premium products. Don’t make decisions only based on price, if something looks too good to be true, it will probably is.

A Study also showed most Laptop manufacturers overstate how long laptop batteries will last. (Digital Trends)

Technology 3 times faster: Many big companies do provide 3 times faster charging technology than the conventional way, but is this really Fast Charging when it still takes over an hour to charge a Smartphone?  The positive side is that at least this “faster technologies” are still faster than the traditional way, but beware that as with all technologies, it always has its limitations and sometimes some statements can be over marketised or play with words (read below).

Technology not compatible: Finally, if you have found a trustful company that claims to have a fast charging power bank, then ask this simple question: is your phone compatible with Fast Charging? In order for your Smartphone or device to charge at a faster speed, you must have the compatible technology integrated. Fast charging requires 2 parts in order to work, 1 the energy source and the energy receiver If both are not compatible you are better off saving your money because it would be like having a 3D Television without the 3D glasses. It will just not work. 

We can’t say what is Fast Charging as there are so many loopholes to debate this topic but at least this term should be used if it charges faster than the traditional speed. If you have any questions or would like get some info about our technology and products feel free to message us. 


Stay tuned Next Week! Comparison between Fast Charging Technologies

We will strip the marketing away and provide you real facts.


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