Tespack is honoured and grateful to receive the Top Technology Startups Award, Spain 2016.

We started Tespack with a clear vision of creating innovate products that would bring the “Future Of Energy” to now and Spain has been part of the plan to achieve it. Tespack opened a small solar research unit in the South of Spain in order to test our upcoming technology and started collaborating with various partners in this region to whom we are very grateful for their massive support and warm welcoming; The Collaborative Space, Venture Watch, Inndea, VIT Emprende and other big institutions (we are very thrilled knowing that start-ups can grow with the help of governmental entities).

Top Technology Startups Award Spain 2016 Tespack

In the beginning of our journey, we witnessed that technology had advanced drastically and that even tough mobile devices were being developed thinner, lighter and with improved features than ever before, there was something missing, the soul of all our devices, THE BATTERY LIFESPAN, which has been the muse of our product line and also vision. This has inspired us to innovate premium products that would help us generate our own energy while on the move, whenever we would need it and at a fast speed.

Although we have solved some of the limits of technology and helped many people and institutions to “Go Further”  conquering the Antarctica, Kilimanjaro and some parts of the AmazonsTop Technology Startups Award Spain 2016

Top Technology Startups Award Spain 2016 Tespack Ambassadors

We hope to continue providing more solutions to facilitate all jobs that require mobile energy not just in the Outdoors but also the City (coming soon with new technology). Winning the Top technology Startups Award Spain 2016 and being recognised by big associations like Actualidad Economica, Caixa Bank, the Spanish Ministry of Energy & Tourism and Venture Watch, represents a big victory to Tespack’s vision as an international Startup, and pushes us even more to improve our technology.

To all our supporters we say thank you.
Source:  (Actualidad Económica) Top Technology Startups Award Spain 2016

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