The Ultimate Urban Backpack – Triple Power

Tespack brings you the ultimate city backpack! The URBAN backpack that can be customized to YOUR daily needs! Tespack presents you with a product that defies the traditional way of seeing and using a backpack. Offering a modular pocket system that is attached to the inside giving you the freedom to change according to the type of day you have, as well giving you all the power you might need to conquer your day.

The Ultimate Powerhouse: 3 USB Ports in one bag!

  • Running late to a meeting so you need to walk, charge and use the phone at the same time? Plug your phone to the usb port in your backpack’s SLEEVE and keep moving!
  • Want to charge your power bank while you’re walking to work but don’t want to hold it? Plug it into the INTERIOR usb port and you’re good to go!
  • Want your ipod charged and in a place that is easy to access so you don’t have to go deep into your bag? Use the SIDE POCKET usb port, perfect size and place for everything you need at hand

Choose your power : TRIPLE POWER power banks.

The Vega Backpack also comes with TRIPLE POWER power banks! You can customize your bag by picking either a 10K Power Bank or a 18K Power bank to add to it.

Both of these power banks were designed to be sleek, elegant and light while powerful enough to keep up with your fast-paced life!





Modular Pockets: 10 features that no other backpack has!

Choose from 10 different pocket additions that allow you to customize your pockets, allowing you to put on and take off as you please!

You present us with a million problems, Tespack provides you with one solution: Vega.

It’s simple. Vega was built to suit any situation you may face hence the 10 features:

Tespack has thoughtfully created two packages pre-made for you: the STANDARD package or the PREMIUM package shown below!

  1. Card Sleeve, an amazing feature that allows you to store your cards from the gym membership card to your credit card (no need for wallets or extra weight, as you can detach it whenever you need).
  2. A second Card Sleeve with one slot to fit anything from your coins to USB sticks!
  3. A Wide Zipper Pocket, useful when travelling to pack small items such as toothbrush and small bottles or your pens and pencils!
  4. A Pens Pocket to have your pens stored in an organised manner, ready to use!
  5. A Document Sleeve  to fit all your papers and important documents to avoid them ripping or getting lost.
  6. TWO Cable organisers, know which cable is for what by storing each one of them in the appropriate place!
  7. A Mesh Sleeve with enough space for any lost items in your bag or bigger items like bottles, power banks, phones!
  8. A smaller Zipper Pocket that can too serve as a wallet or storage for items you do not want escaping to the bottom of your bag!
  9. An incredible Mesh Bag – one of the most useful features of Vega, a bag with a mesh and plastic protection that allows you to use it for gym clothes and trainers, to toiletries if you are going on a business trip! 
  10. Rain cover – to keep you belongings safe and dry at all times, stored at the bottom of the bag with its own designated pocket!
  11. Large Pocket Underneath the Bag – which allows you to store your powerbank and simultaneously connect to a device inside the bag to charge it on the go! 
  12. Wires Extended to Every Corner – with the multiple USB ports the wires are extended, allowing for storage and re-charging of devices in different areas of the bag, depending on what suits you. 
  13. Back-Pocket System – pockets on the sleeves and on the back of the bag which can serve as a storage for your cards, coins and money for easy access.

The Magic is in the details!

Apart from the ability to make this bag YOUR OWN, you can trust that whatever you may wish to put in the bag will be kept safe with the padded bottoms, incorporated to take the stress of worrying about damaging your devices, the spacious interior with a 30L capacity and adjustable shoulder straps. Not to mention that if you wish to turn this backpack into a solar backpack, you can! It’s compatible with our Indie Solar Bag meaning you can charge your devices using the sun, too!




The perfect city backpack, to power you through anything.




LED indicators – Unlimited Energy (Solar and can power laptops) – Anti-theft App included – Weather notifications – SOS Automates SystemBlack box recording (similar tech to airplanes) All data gets recorded; routes, impact ratio, time, date, pictures of impact to have all information needed for insurance appeals or police reports.

Coming soon to Indiegogo!

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