The First Smart Cycling Backpack – The Complete Cycling Experience!

What could make cycling even better?

You love cycling around your city, you feel safe, the infrastructure is there and your journeys are as smooth as they could be… and then you get stuck in random traffic, there are cars in your bike lane, which means you can’t get past and you have a meeting with your manager in about 30 minutes. Your phone is dead and if you can’t get out of there, nevermind charge your device… Great infrastructure and safety is on point, but your whole day has now been delayed.

Now imagine a different scenario, you stop at starbucks to get a drink, it’s the morning you need your coffee and as you grab your coffee, your bike is stolen. You simply say your goodbyes because you will never see that again and there’s nothing you can do about it, or so you think…


The Wheeler – Cyclist’s Best Friend!

There are always things that can make our journeys better, whether we are travelling by car, by foot and especially by bike and that’s why we have created Wheeler “The First Smart Cycling Bag”. Providing you with all cycling features you need, everything at the touch of your fingertips.

Wheeler is any cyclist’s best friend… This is a product which can not only save you from traffic before it even happens,  it can even stop you from getting soaked on the way to work or prevent you from losing battery on your devices while commuting. It can also help you in case of an accident to reach local authorities and store data of an accident you might have, with an Automatic SOS system created for you and at your disposal, anytime! Of course, let’s hope that never happens, but if it does, you know what to do and how to do it.

If you’re forgetful and really want to know where you stopped for that amazing bagel, check the records your Wheeler has recorded for you, places you’ve visited marked for your convenience! Hate leaving working late because your visibility is reduced? Say goodbye to that with our integrated LED system Indicators, making sure you have enough visibility wherever you are, with around 27% of cyclists fatalities happening during poor lighting, this will significantly improve your journeys! As if that was not enough, it can too provide you accurate weather forecasts based on your specific location to avoid those rainy days and has a Map Planning feature on the App to provide you all the things you need on one screen.


Now, how does it do all of this?

Wheeler is a backpack… but not your common backpack. It provides you with something that no other bag does, a best-friend when cycling: ForeverOn, the app that can make all of the above, possible! Tespack’s realisation that the market has started to stagnate and some needs were not being fulfilled, has pushed for the creation of a product that gives people what they need, hence the introduction of IoT and automation features!

Revolutionary features for outstanding experiences

This app is where your SOS automated system can be found, to make any journey a safer one. It also includes the ability to plan and check the best routes with advanced Map Planning and GPS systems; helping you to save time and avoid the traffic. 
The app allows you to leave the house fully prepared, no surprises! This spectacular product also comes with a 7W Solar Panel (which can be upgraded to 42W!) to charge your devices on the go; providing you with unlimited energy, wherever you are. Not only this, the storage it provides is enough for all your belongings, whether that’s your suit and laptop for your day in the office, or your books and notes for your lectures. Also, with an integrated anti theft protection, you never have to fear about your belongings. Carry all of your valuable items with ease and be rest assured your belongings are safe.

But there is more of what makes us the best in the market! Wheeler provides the best features of a car and an airplane, our technology provides a Black box feature similar to airplanes. If you have an accident and need legal proof, you will have access to all the data; location, altitude, time of the accident and impact to assist you.

This is the full package to provide you with the experience you deserve! Everything you need, at your fingertips!



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