When we say ‘Never lose your power’ we really mean it. Tespack has gone to Korea’s leading accelerator programme ran by the Korean Government (NIPA) to bring the best tech and innovative products to their region. Tespack was announced as one of the top 2 winners as well as being the first European winners of the competition! After hustling our way to the top and working for over 4 months competing with 1,600 tech companies from more than 118 countries.

The K-StartUp Grand Challenge

The K-StartUp Grand Challenge is Korea’s leading acceleration programme and one of the world’s largest start-up funded ecosystems for selected companies. It began back in 2016 and it consists of excavating and developing the best and most promising startups in the World. Reaching the best and most innovative tech Startups Globally to compete and penetrate one of the most tech influential markets. This comes as no surprise, given that Korea is the country with the most advanced technology and powerful tools for companies in the hardware and software sector.

What makes this programme so sought is the fact that companies receive funding in order to develop their vision and get subsidies from the government, as well as getting free employees for the most promising startups (Tespack was one of them).


Tespack is proud to announce that it has come out winning SECOND PLACE as well as being the only European company to win the prize during the competition! Creating not only many exclusive partnerships and mentorships with the biggest companies but also a grant prize of 40,000 dollars.  An incredible victory for Tespack’s team who work extremely hard day-in and day-out to leave its mark on Korea.


The K-StartUp Grand Challenge required that every company taking part, would undergo 4 months of extreme mentoring, weekly business performance reviews (based on startup closing business deals while undergoing the programme) and the potential of developing the most innovative technologies during the programme with other partners or companies. 

Our Founder & CEO, Mario Aguilera, made the brave decision to move on a moments notice to live in Seoul-Korea for the last 4 months, representing Tespack together with Alex Oh who joined Tespack Korea during the programme as the Head of Sales for the Asian division, and who worked alongside Mario daily, sometimes from 5am till 9pm including weekends. #TrueEntrepreneurialLifestyle

“It was one of the most intense and sleepless, yet rewarding, 4 months for Tespack, collaborating with the best technology companies in the World; Samsung, LG, Naver, Fine ADS, to bring Tespack to the next level and provide a new experience, that has not yet been seen in the market. It makes all the sacrifices made personally, and by the team, worth it! All I have to say is thanks to K-StartUp Grand Challenge, CNTI accelerator and Bryan Lee for all of the support and the powerful partnerships that will allow Tespack to continue with its innovative approach to bring the #FutureOfEnergy!

During this programme I have met so many special and talented people and learned so much from them, from the Koreans and the Bali Bali mentality in order to work faster and smarter. The Asian way of doing business is much more proactive than the western one and I love it. However merging Finland’s time efficiency and automation with Korean speed will for sure be the new Tespack way! 

The key for hardware startups, in my opinion, is to understand Korea’s manufacturing strategy. One of the reasons why hardware in Korea is so successful is the manufacturing mentality and the volumes control strategy they have developed over many years of trial and error, which is something we learned during the programme.” Founder & CEO, Mario Aguilera

Working with Samsung, LG, NAVER and FINE Aero Defense Systems

During these 4 months Tespack also had the pleasure of working with companies such as LG, Samsung, Hyundai Motors and Naver, which guided and mentored few of the companies participating in the programme, giving Tespack a real insight of how to penetrate, manufacture, brand and succeed in the Korean market as well as Globally. An incredible once in a lifetime experience!

Tespack’s branding mentor and Mario’s branding coach, President Katy Choi from Brand & Company has managed Samsung’s, LG’s, Everland’s and most telecom brands in Korea, directed the marketing growth strategies for them and implemented new branding strategies for Tespack soon to be seen.

Tespack closed many deals with various manufacturers and partnerships with the Korean government including military suppliers. Not to mention the insight into the Korean culture and way of doing business.

Sit tight for what’s to come, because the future is bright! Tespack is already working on new technology and products and expanding to other parts of the world like Africa and Asia, as a result of participating in the K-StartUp Grand Challenge!

It was an honour to be chosen from so many companies and to be recognised for the innovation, forward thinking and relevance of Tespack’s products and vision. So thank you to all of our Partners and Tespack Community for the support provided that continues to push us to bring the #FutureOfEnergy to today!

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