Tespack chosen to join GE’s (General Electric) Energy Village, company founded by Thomas Edison  

General Electric (GE) is one of the largest multinational companies in the world focusing in power, water, healthcare and capital to name a few. GE has a long history working with startups, especially in the health sector field, but in the past years they have expanded more to the renewable side and are now focusing in supporting startups in the Energy field. So few months ago, General Electric launched Energy Village, their startup campus for Energy companies located at their Helsinki headquarters.

Tespack started doing some research about GE and we were very thrilled to find out  that the founder of this multinational company, was the one and only Thomas Alva Edison, the man who said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” . We do not think we need to explain who this man was, but being able to contribute or work with people who follow his heritage is inspiring.

Tespack is glad to be one of the few Energy focused companies chosen to join their new initiative as our innovations and vision are aligned with what GE is looking for in technology startups. It is for sure that we will continue working harder during this new phase among the best people in our field

General Electric - Energy Village Hall
General Electric - Energy Village Theatre

Energy Village was created as an ecosystem, a co-creation hub and working space for Energy startups in Finland. The goal of this new initiative is to work together with some of the hottest Energy startups by providing them access to General Electric’s massive partner network, mentor experts and funding. Startups for the program are personally chosen by energy experts at GE who are looking for the most innovative Energy startups, with high potential to disrupt the market with their technologies. Tespack was one of the few chosen companies in Finland and we are thrilled to start working with General Electric and move to our new headquarters in Helsinki to Silicon Vallila as we like to say in Finland.

We will continue developing our products further by focusing on ultra-fast charging technology. So as Christmas keeps getting closer, so does the launch of our new, innovative product combining fast charging technology, renewables, IoT and great design. This patented product will for sure revolutionize the winter sports market so all fellow snowboarders and skiers stay tuned for further information!

Tespack - Energy Village - Adrien Raza
Tespack - Energy Village - Mike Kranenburg

In the meantime, don’t forget our customized mobile energy solutions that we have developed together with scientists, outdoor professionals and military currently being used by companies like the United Nations, Intersports and Vodafone. You can find out more in our previous blog post.

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