Tespack Solar Backpacks Tested & Used by the Army

During the past months we have been working together with various big corporations and NGOs like the United Nations and Church Aid. All these collaborations have provided us valuable feedback in regards to our products and technology. They also made us realize the importance of developing our technology even further as Mobile Energy means, saving more lives and having constant communication with your team in places where energy is needed.

In simple words, Mobile Energy is not just “Energy”, it is the tool that allows our customers to achieve TOP missions, whether it is rescuing a person or helping them reaching their goals.

Army Tested

Anyone who has been in the army knows from a first-hand experience that a soldier is like a truck: they are strong but expected to carry all sorts of equipment, weighing typically over 40kg. A soldier not only carries fighting gear, weapons and their body armor. As technology has been advancing, so has the weight and amount of their equipment. Nowadays soldiers carry several electronic devices such as GPS, smartphones, tablets, night vision goggles and radios to name a few.

All these electronics naturally run out of battery and require extra batteries increasing the overall weight carried in their backpack. This type of backpack needs to be built for holding heavy weight, handling extreme weather conditions and to be as supportive and comfortable as possible.

After these testings not only our products are being used by various armies but we are happy to announce 2 NEW PRODUCTS that will be launched thanks to these projects.  Stay Tuned as in MID OCTOBER we will be releasing a new product line concept “MOBILE POWER PLANT” (create Energy with your friends!), as well as another product that allows you to generate your energy without the need of a power bank!

Tespack solar backpacks tested & used by the army

Want to know more about our current technology?

Our Solar Backpacks have been built in keeping all this in our minds. Our backpacks are made from water resistant, durable and breathable German Cordura fabric, while having air ventilation in the back for those hot, sunny days. There is more than enough space to fit all your important belongings inside the backpack. Our power banks have been designed powerful, so you can charge with them all your electronic devices like laptops, DSLR cameras and GPS equipment. They are also the lightest high capacity power banks in the market so no extra weight to your bag. Our extremely durable and light solar panel will make sure that you can power your power bank even when off-grid.

Tespack Solar Backpacks tested & used by the army - How It Works

If you require more info about our solar backpacks tested and used by the army or about any of upcoming products, feel free to drop us a line to info@www.tespack.com

Tespack Solar Backpacks tested & used by the army in Antarctica
Tespack Solar Backpacks Tested & Used By The Army

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