After the great success of last year,
Tespack is proud to announce that we will be returning to the Balearic Islands for Trail Ibiza 2018; powering all athletes, which has been devised in accordance with the environmental legislation implemented by the Government of the Balearic Islands. The event has been divided into 3 stages which will all be on different days. Stage 1: Friday, November 30, 2018. Stage 2: Saturday, December 1, 2018. Stage 3: Sunday, December 2, 2018.

Trail Ibiza is a step race perfect for lovers of  running and nature. The event consists of 3 running days in the heart of the island enjoying the best views and the most natural corners, with the chance to run along the paradisaical beaches of cala Tarida and embrace the sunset along the route.

Marathon Duration:

The marathon is split into three stages spread over the course of 3 days. It is an event made for both running and nature lovers. With the event being held in the heart of the island, marathon runners can enjoy the best views and unspoiled sites. You can participate all 3 days or sign up for the races that suit the runner the best.

Tespack in Partnership with Trail Ibiza:

In partnership with Trail Ibiza, all marathon runners will receive great discounts on our energy solutions, including our Mini 5K Power Bank, to ensure that they stay charged at all times during their races, and never lose their power along the route. We will also have a stand at the event, for everyone to power their devices for free! With all of our Tespack products and new promotional opportunities to keep you powered all the way – so be sure to look out for us!

Whilst running the race, our Tespack Mini 5K is the perfect tool to utilise charge as it is solar, water resistant and shockproof and dust-proof; perfect whilst running the beautiful island of Ibiza. Now marathon runners can never miss the chance to capture their accomplishments (running watch) and can listen to their favourite songs along the way, without the risk of losing battery!

Take on the ultimate challenge!

For the bravest of athletes, the option is available to participate in the first ultra marathon! (88 KM). With an elevation gain of 3704+ m and loss of 3545- m.

With long duration’s like this, it’s vital to stay charged and powered throughout the marathon, to ensure safety and to capture that perfect moment when runners pass through that finish line. That’s where Tespack steps in. The winners will also receive some Tespack surprises to stayed powered at all times!

Want to join the ultimate marathon challenge and experience the beauty of Ibiza? Then register now!

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