Tespack Powering Different Segments

After years of innovation and creating mobile energy products that help travellers, scientists, governmental organisations and NGOs stay charged, Tespack has decided to focus more on the customer experience and quality of our products.

Becoming a synonym of energy on the go for the modern user it is not an easy task, we are grateful to our customers who helped us improve and refine our vision so that we can focus on creating products that fulfill their  needs 100% across the different segments where we operate.  

This has given us the freedom to adapt Smart features and design according to each customer needs enabling professionals to have better tools for their daily jobs. For this reason, Tespack is happy to announce the opening of three different lines, providing energy solutions focused on different markets and needs. 

Tespack – Milennialz and Indomitum 

Tespack: Powering NGO’s, Rescue Teams & Extreme Explorers 

Since our foundation, powering NGO’s, rescue teams and extreme explorers has been the main focus of Tespack and we shall continue focusing on empowering these communities with more innovation. We feel proud that our tech will keep on equipping teams, scientists and travellers who day in and day out work in the most rural areas providing access to education, save lives during natural catastrophes and study climate change in the most rigid weather conditions like in Antarctica. 

Tespack products will focus on being durable, lightweight and modular for outdoors usage to adapt to different needs as well as ensuring their safety during projects through Tespack’s Smart App

Tespack: Never lose your POWER

Milennialz: Powering the Millennial Lifestyle and Modern Professional 

Milennialz, it is not a generation but a mindset that LOVES Tech.

It’s a united, diverse, hard working, open minded  group of travellers. Prioritizing happiness and experiences over monetary rewards. They are the starters of Social Media and the Digital Era.

They want to experience life to the fullest and are conscious about how their actions impact the world. They LOVE Tech and going into nature. 

They like getting out  from their comfort zone as this means growing and finding new ways of doing things. 

Milennialz is a brand for this generation. We have FUSED Technology with experiences this particular group enjoys doing. We provide the best gadgets that help us make the most out of life. Milennialz provide the latest tech with style

Milennialz: Life without limits 

Indomitum: Powering troops in the field and creating wearables to automate warfare

Saving lives, keeping your team safe and making the impossible into possible is what truly matters on any mission or deployment. Modern warriors these days rely 100% on mobile energy and their equipment. As all equipment is more interconnected and also more battery dependent, Tespack identified many parts of our technology that could be used in different products and areas of warfare. 

As modern warfare implements more electronics in order to gather data, improve security and automate response time, Tespack’s  vision of cybersecurity through energy is becoming more and more a reality. 

Indomitum provides our Military field background knowledge & Tech Fusion as CEO Mario Aguilera served more than 6 years in the special forces, having first hand knowledge on the biggest problems teams face while on deployment. We have secured 3 development contracts in order to come to the market with products in partnerships with different entities such as South Korean government, Finnish government and others. Our upper hand in the development of products with our past experiences and also having our military network in place, helped us better to strategise the development of these new products.

Indomitum will combine wearable energy tech, batteries and software with a process of development we call D.E.D.P  (Deep empathy development process). This means that we will create products hand in hand with soldiers and military organisations in the field to ensure that products fulfill the practical needs of modern soldiers.

Indomitum: Power and safety through innovation – Solum Optimum (Only the Best)

Stay tuned  as we will be launching the websites in the coming days featuring the tech and product design on each line.

    • Power from Smartphones all the way to Laptops and projectors!
    • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
    • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups.
    • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design


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