Tespack in collaboration with audi (100% Electric)

This month has been an electrifying one for Tespack from expanding to a country “Costa Rica” where 98.5% of its energy comes from renewables to partnering up with Audi to work on their latest innovation Audi e-tron that happens to be 100% electric!

Our mission to continue being Eco-friendly and developing energy innovations that help society go forward by bringing the #FutureOfEnergy has always been our number one priority and this time is not exemption, 

For this reason Tespack is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Audi and will be receiving their latest piece of art “Audi e-tron” to put it to the test and also work on a top secret innovation that soon will be revealed! 

Tespack at Audi offices in Finland 

Tespack’s CEO going 100% electric – Testing Audi e-tron 

Tespack’s CEO, Mario Aguilera has always gone to the limits to create the latest innovations from climbing Kilimanjaro in winter to test Tespack’s solar panels and batteries’ technology to joining the NATO training facilities with the highest ranked officials from 29 countries to experience their necessities and provide the latest energy solutions according to their needs. This time the challenge for Tespack’s CEO, Mario Aguilera has become more electrifying and eco-friendly as he has finally found a car that fulfils all his criteria “Audi e-tron”. For this reason the  whole team is super thrilled to announce that Audi Finland, K-Auto is supporting Tespack with the latest Audi e-tron for testing a prototyping purposes. We will put this 4 wheels to a challenge during the coming months to bring the latest mobile energy solutions to provide consumers a more comfortable experience during their trips. 

We are very grateful for the help and guidance of the whole team at Audi Finland has provided us and super excited to embark on this new partnership.

Audi e-tron Charging Speeds – Finland 

This has been one of the most enquiered questions so we decided it to answer it here: Audi will provide 2 home energy solutions: The basic “1.2KW/ 120V plug” that takes about 100 hours for a full charge or the second option “9.6KW / 240V plug” that speeds the process to nine hours full charge (perfect to recharge overnight). 

However, charging stations provide 50KW and can charge your e-tron in 70 minutes. But if you want to charge at a faster speed the latest car charging stations provide 150 kW DC charge allowing you to power up to 80% of your e-tron in 30 minutes! Finland has always been a tech trender making this charging speed available between Helsinki-turku’s motorway in 2018

There are many things we could write about E-tron like its structure, attention to detail and its self driving mode experience on motorways! But we decided to put it to a full test and let you know our own experience. Stay tuned Tespackers! 

Tespack Joining Audi in Beijing at the MQ Innovation Summit 

MQ Innovation Summit is an event created by Audi gathering all the innovators, entrepreneurs that are changing  the tech sector and molding our society to share curiosity, courage, and a revolution.

We are happy to announce that Our Founder & CEO Mario Aguilera and Co-founder & COO Caritta Seppa have joined the Chief Environmental Officer to share a keynote speech about our upcoming projects and innovation.  

    • Power from Smartphones all the way to Laptops and projectors!
    • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
    • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups.
    • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design


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