Tespack Opening Offices in Costa Rica

The Silicon Valley of Latin America


Tespack’s vision has always been to bring the #FutureOfEnergy and with it provide the freedom of energy to where it is needed. Our mission has been from the beginning to support NGOs and rescue workers to operate in the toughest climates by providing them with our smart energy technology that can generate and follow energy consumption as well as provide the safest environment by tracking rescue workers and alerting authorities in case of an emergency.

Our technology also aims to support education in the most rural areas, as it can power projectors and any mobile device and easily pass the strictest airline checkups. All our technologies are hybrid and can be powered with Tespack’s ultra fast chargers or with Tespack’s modular solar panels that work in extreme weather conditions. These solutions have helped many governmental organisations and thanks to the latest developments and on-going projects, Tespack decided to open a new branch in Costa Rica to support closely the Americas region.

Tespack: Never lose your POWER

Opening New Offices in Costa Rica, San Ramon

The whole team is excited to announce our new offices in Costa Rica! Expanding to this region will enable us to provide a fast delivery of our products to all Americas’ region. Choosing Costa Rica has been a strategic move as the country is well known for having itself into the main Tech center of Latin America, thus becoming known as the ‘Silicon Valley of Latin America’ with big companies operating in this region like Amazon, HP, Intel, P&G, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft and Google joining in 2020. In fact 29 of the Fortune 100 companies have operations in Costa Rica.

Opening new offices in this region also strengthens our goal in being more eco-friendly, as so far in 2019, 98.84% of Costa Rica’s power has come from renewable resources. Illustrating this percentage will mean nine bulbs out of ten are powered with renewable energy. This country also protects its natural habitat as 30% of its land was declared a protected area forever making it as one of the top countries to focus on the environment and taking action to climate change, thus supporting our company values and making it a paradise to achieve our goal in reducing our carbon emissions as a company. 

Looking for Partnerships  

Tespack is already in talks with partners in the region as well as supporting more entities that require mobile energy to operate in  off-grid regions where there is not energy. Therefore if you have a project that requires support or would like to collaborate feel free to email us on info@tespack.com 

    • Power from Smartphones all the way to Laptops and projectors!
    • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
    • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups.
    • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design


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