As an emerging company, it is always rewarding to receive awards. They are a tangible proof that your vision and innovations are making a big difference in the market, especially if they are being recognised through global awards and organizations.

Since Tespack was established in 2013, we have received various awards thanks to our supportive community (we really thank you guys!). Recently, Tespack was rewarded with 2 new global awards in the technology industry and we are very proud to announce them here.


Tespack awarded as Top 500 Technology startups Worldwide

Hello Tomorrow is a global competition that annually chooses the best early-stage technology startups around the world. The competition celebrates greatest innovations in technology and science by choosing top 500 startups worldwide out of thousands of applicants. This year around 5000 companies applied under 10 different tracks such as “Transportation”, “Data & AI” or “Air Quality”.

We are very proud to be chosen as one of the Top 50 startups under “Energy” track, as it shows us that we are revolutionizing the Mobile Energy sector. This energy revolution includes new patented technology in Solar energy combined with our upcoming ULTRA-FAST CHARGING capabilities. Forget about Hours, we talk about Minutes! Real Vision of #FutureOfEnergy.

Tespack Awards: Top 500 Worldwide startup


Tespack chosen as the Top Startup in Finland

Start Tel Aviv is a global competition held by The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tel Aviv Global. The event takes place in more than 30 different countries around the world in order to find the best startup in each country. The winner gets an opportunity to take part in an intense five-day startup experience journey in Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem.

This year the competition was focused on digital and technology startups around the World. Our co-founder and COO Caritta Seppa attended the event on behalf of Tespackpitching in front of a panel of judges, formed by technology experts and investors. The pitch was successful and Tespack was chosen as the best Finnish startup in the competition.

Tespack awards, Top startup in Finland
Tespack COO and Finnish Ambassador of Israel, Dov Segev Steinberg.
Tespack awards: COO Caritta Seppa pitching at Start Tel Aviv Finnish competition
Tespack COO Caritta Seppa pitching at Start Tel Aviv Finnish competition

We are really proud to have received  these 2 new awards,  but for us, the most important prize is the support that we receive everyday. Thanks to all of you and stay tuned for new exciting info about all our upcoming products and projects in October!

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