Launching New Tespack Products!


Tespack is proud to present two new life-changing products which were created with a focus on the feedback, experiences and needs of its customers, made specifically for them, to provide an unforgettable experience. Bringing the best experience for Outdoor to City users with shocking prices… Stay tuned as we will be launching soon more products! 


The Tespack 10K Power bank- Triple Power

A sleek, elegant, light device to keep you powered!

This new power bank was thought, designed and built with Tespack’s customers’ needs and wants in mind to provide the best power bank experience. It includes amazing features, not present in other Tespack power banks up to date, such as; the automatic feature of On/Off for an effortless use when cycling or driving plus a compact and ultra light weight of 200 grams with a powerful 10.000mAh battery!

This is the perfect power bank for those with a fast-paced lifestyle as it can charge THREE devices at the same time and recharge from 2 different connectors (Micro USB and Type C Cable) fit for any android or iOS device, not to mention that along with this power bank, you receive 2 FREE  charging bracelet cables (Lightning cable & Micro USB)!

Tespack 10K Power bank  will also power your smartphone 3.5 times, DSLR 3 times and tablets up to 2 times due to the 10K mAh capacity. Whatever device you need to charge, Tespack’s 10K – TRIPLE POWER power bank, has got you covered.


Tespack 21W Solar Plant  – Attach it to any hiking backpack! 

The solar plant is made up of a set of THREE solar panel stands with THREE 7W solar panels which can be customised to suit your adventure – make it into 2 solar panels or buy another set and create a 6 solar panel plant!  The options are endless and so is the energy you can gather with this amazing product. Additionally, our Light Solar Panels weight a mere of 280grams allowing you to take it with you and create your own energy solar plant, anywhere, anytime and with the lightest weight possible. 

Perfect for long trips or to power you and your friends through a fun weekend away without the restrictions of being stuck by a wall socket before heading to the beach with a charged phone. With the mobile solar plant, you can be the Energy! This product was designed to be practical, convenient and super easy to use – being powered does not need to be complicated so just Plug and charge.

Combine this package with Tespack 20K power bank to get the best energy experience: 45 minutes of sunlight combined with our power bank will allow you to gather enough energy to charge a smartphone! You can always upgrade to more solar panels to charge faster.

Pre order and we will deliver Tespack 21W Solar Plant end of September.

Tespack Mobile Energy Solutions

  • Power from Smartphones all the way to Laptops and projectors!
  • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
  • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups.
  • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design
  • Trusted Brand: High Profile Customer Testimonials

If you would like to know more about our Energy solutions, become part of the project or interested in distributing Tespack power in your region, then feel free to contact us at



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