At Tespack’s core, lies the ambition to create products with innovative features and advanced technology that can make a difference in people’s lives! Along with that ambition comes Nokia’s of creating technology to transform the human experience – And so it’s with extreme pleasure that we announce that Tespack is joining Nokia’s Open Ecosystem Network, also called Nokia’s Innovation Platform to create better and bigger innovations, challenging the future of technology!

Tespack’s Partnership with NOKIA’s Open Ecosystems Network

Tespack is delighted to be part of NOKIA’s Open Ecosystem Network and to be exploring ways to collaborate and implement the latest Energy tech with the latest 5G Connectivity to create the best consumer energy innovations! Tespack prides itself on creating the most innovative mobile energy solutions, and being a step ahead in the functionality and efficiency of its products. With titles such as the Best Energy StartUp in the EU awarded by European commission, Founders being featured in Forbes for disrupting the tech industry (30+ International Awards), and having a strong, committed and extremely talented team from engineers to product designers creating the most innovative energy products. Tespack is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to share its expertise and help other businesses, while collaborating with other leading tech companies to create life-changing products and mobile energy solutions!

Nokia & What is The Open Ecosystem Network?

Nokia, a company with finnish roots like Tespack, is known to ‘create the technology to connect the world’ and a name that is shaping the future of technology to transform human experience!

Nokia’s famous reputation stands strong against time with their goal and efforts to create technology to connect the world becoming more and more relevant as years go by!

With the 100 years of innovation, 17 global research centers, 9 nobel prizes, the industry’s most complete end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing powered by the incredible Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia brings confidently to the world the Open Ecosystem Network, the hub for collaboration and innovation. The Open Ecosystem network allows for companies of all sizes and brilliant minds, to come together and share projects, challenges, content and form a community of experts! It was launched with the belief that the future lies in data-sharing, collaboration and co-creation meaning that together we can discover, collaborate, build and grow more and better!

This hub accounts already for 40,000 registered users and 100 co-creation projects initiated on topics such as artificial intelligence and IoT, the future!

“Today partnership is vital to thriving in the new digital era.”



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LED indicators – Unlimited Energy (Solar and can power laptops) – Anti-theft App included – Weather notifications – SOS Automates SystemBlack box recording (similar tech to airplanes) All data gets recorded; routes, impact ratio, time, date, pictures of impact to have all information needed for insurance appeals or police reports.

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