Tespack in Partnership with Plan International Finland!


Tespack Powering the Future of Africa with Plan International Finland 

We are proud to announce that Tespack is in partnership with Plan International Finland in Mozambique, as our first joint project together. With our correlative aims to remove the barriers that stand in the way of children getting an education, it has enabled us to power the future of Mozambique and contribute to the future of southeast Africa through the use of our Mobile Energy Solutions.  

Plan International is a humanitarian organisation with previous projects located in more than 71 countries around the World. They are the leading NGO who focus primarily on children and youth. Last year they managed to educate 3,900 children about their sexual health and early pregnancy. At Tespack, we are inspired by these results and feel honoured to power this project through the provision of Tespack’s Power Banks and new innovative Energy Solutions being developed specifically for this project. Part of Tespack’s Mobile Energy Schools solution is to provide the products and tools so that individuals can learn anywhere as these products will power projectors, laptops and even smartphones to enhance the classes in which the locals are being taught.  

Making energy both mobile and reliable is vital, especially in more rural parts of the World. Tespack’s main mission is to provide Mobile Energy Solutions that allow people and communities achieve their dreams without being limited by energy.

Powering the Future of Africa with Plan International in Finland

Project Financed by Finnish Foreign Ministry Funds

Currently in Mozambique only a quarter of women have access to contraception. Additionally around 1.8 million currently live with HIV, making Mozambique one of the worst-affected countries in the World. These figures make it a high priority to tackle this issue and we are really honoured to become partners and support Plan International’s vision. By creating mobile energy solutions that contribute to taking education on such vital matters to the most rural and secluded areas to raise awareness on sexual topics that affect the community as a whole.

This project in Mozambique is funded by the Finnish Foreign Ministry who will be providing their support. Government partnerships are vital as these help to fund prioritised issues in order to efficiently serve the community.

Local teachers, students and community members will be gathering together in order to kickstart the project. Many of these inspirational individuals include Mugime who is a data collector; working alongside Crescencia who is an individual from The Light for the World Organisation (shown on the picture above), whom both contribute to the incredible education of the locals.

This project will also be carried out later on in other countries around the World! 

Launching Media Pack – Our Joint Product!

Tespack’s aim is to encourage and support education whenever, wherever. As a result, Tespack has been developing a new innovative energy solution called Media Pack that is currently being designed in collaboration with Plan International Finland in order to provide the right energy tools and devices for supporting Plan International Finland’s global education projects. This new product will be launched later this year so that it can be used to further support and strengthen Plan International’s work towards educating locals around the world.

The whole Tespack team is really thrilled to release a new generation of energy technology that involves smart IoT to further support this life changing project. So stay tuned as more information about the new developed solution will be released this Autumn!


Current Tespack Energy solutions that can power from Smartphones all the way to projectors!

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