Tespack Awarded as Best Energy Startup in EU

Tespack wins Startup EU Awards placing Finland and Finnish technology as first in the Energy category and thus getting to be known as one of the first 100% wearable smart wear brands in the market. It was a great honour to be recognised as the Best Energy Startup in EU by the European Parliament and European Commission and to receive the award from the Latvian MP Inese Vaidere. The award ceremony was hosted in Brussels by the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and organised by Finnova, an non-profit European Foundation.

We have all heard about the hype of wearables. Pretty much everyone thinks that a wristwatch with a step counter is a wearable but the truth is, that technology and fabrics are fusioning and the definition for wearables is something much deeper than that.

Wearables is the combination of hardware that is able to use safe batteries with sensors and very sophisticated software/apps designed in order to be used close to our bodies and provide the best of both worlds, technology and textiles. Needless to say, we have seen all big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Google and Tommy Hilfiger trying to do the same but with no success.

Combining beauty with practicality, electronics with fashion, is something very complex as it requires a lot of research and also compromise.


“Tespack’s vision is to make everyone Energy Independent”

We started our vision as a company that wants to make energy mobile. Everything has gone mobile from phones to laptops so the logic dictates that energy needs to go mobile as well. However, when we talk about making energy mobile, we mean to make Energy Generation mobile (so you can create your own energy on-the-go). There are different ways of creating energy such as kinetics, heat, wind, and solar. We have started with solar and implemented it in different array of products including the first Solar Smart Helmet in the world.

We combined our knowhow together with new edge ultra-fast-safe charging technology and we believe that the future is now. Our vision is not only to create fast charging products but to focus on safety as battery technology these days needs improvement.

We presented our latest products and also our brand vision and the EU awarded us with the first place in the energy category (as also featured in the largest trade and economic newspaper in Finland, Kauppalehti). We believe that we were rewarded as a startup because our vision is based beyond presentations and turnover; how we are implementing and executing on developing products with a futuristic approach to a new generation of electronic consumers.

We started with the consumer sector but we have now been expanding to military sector as it is easier to scale at a faster pace. However, our vision of powering the consumer still stands and we are not diverting from it (as it is still our main target market).

We want to say congrats to all the other winners of different categories at the Startup EU Awards. Also want to say thank you to Tekes and the Finnish government for having helped us during our R&D process and for the support they also bring to the Startup community in Finland, to our investors and mentors, to the Tespack community because without your feedback and support we would not be here, to the Tespack team because every single day we turn dreams into hardware and show that a small team can make a difference.

Close to Finland’s 100 years anniversary, we are extremely proud and happy to bring this award from the EU since this is something we consider as our gift to our country. We are sure that Finland deserves the 1st place not only in the energy area but in general.

Tespack CEO

Mario Aguilera

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