Matti Naskali
giphy (9)We proudly announce that Matti Naskali has joined the team as Chief Technology Officer to further develop Tespack.  Matti comes with a wealth of experience, having spent the last thirty years in the energy sector
of Nokia, he has seen more technological breakthroughs than the year count on my passport. The coolest part? He was in the team that designed the phone used in The Matrix! You guessed it, the HR department was instantly sold.
By specializing in alternative forms of mobile energy, most notably in Solar and fuel cells, Matti’s expertise fits perfectly with our product portfolio. Matti was around during the telecommunication boom in the mid 90’s and had an influential role with numerous cutting-edge innovations. We are talking fuel celled headsets that charge in seconds, flexible solar panels and solar data loggers. But let’s admit it; the telecommunications industry needs a little kick. Limited energy, the true plateau for developments in portable devices; this is what Tespack is trying to overcome. Matti’s seasoned industry knowledge and innovative mind-set is exactly what we needed to revolutionize the standards of portable energy. Now what more relevant moment to share our new hashtag: #FutureOfEnergy , get tagging millennials!
After living in Japan and coming with thirty patents under his name, Matti comments:  ‘’ As I have seen a lot about large companies, I find it exciting to work with a startup company that wants to reshape the industry and tackle the real problem in the industry; energy. It feels good to think that I might be able to help a new company and innovative people younger than myself. Compared to hectic Japan I am looking forward to the Spanish lifestyle (Tespack R&D office) . Keeping in mind that ideas can be born early mornings, late nights, and during weekends, I don’t expect slower life to reduce productivity in this kind of job, instead it surely provides some more time for innovative thoughts to find home.’’
The Tespack team is thrilled to have Matti on board and we are inpatient to show the public what we have already worked on. With that being said, stay tuned because in June we’ll be bringing out a brand new product! It has been a great year so far, along with an investment round from Arkley VC, we now have the right resources to initiate the next boom in technology!
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Warm welcome Matti!
Tespack team

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