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Tespack has a rich reputation founded by its outstanding achievements within the energy technology industry, such as being awarded the title of Best Energy StartUp in the EU’ by the European Commission, nominated as one of the Top 50 Energy Startups in the World and receiving more than 30 international awards. Tespack’s founders have also been awarded for outstanding achievements on their specific field; Founder, CEO Mario Aguilera was nominated for the best entrepreneurs under 35, Yesika A. Robles and Caritta Seppa, have been featured in the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list and Sami Pfaler, the sales expert, closed partnerships with government/corporate entities and a respectful list of individuals in a variety of sectors that are currently being utilised to empower the startup community as well as Higher Education institutions.

Making a difference – Future of Energy Programme

Tespack’s focus is on creating the best energy solutions in the market and their vision on making a difference in today’s world with projects such as Save The Children, where Tespack provided power to aid workers in Sudan allowing them to work more efficiently, and the Breswana Project, where Tespack contributed to three branches of the Haji Public School allowing 450 students from  20 remote villages in the region to have smart classrooms! All of these factors aligned with the commitment, passion and hardwork have allowed Tespack to develop a Higher Education programme, providing spaces for College and University students all across Europe to develop their skills as professionals regardless of their background, age or religion.

This project started three years ago with the vision to spread knowledge and help students to develop entrepreneurial and engineering skills and become empowered to take on the world after they graduate. So far Tespack has partnered with Finland, Netherlands and most recently the UK.

FutureOfEnergy Programme – Expanding into the UK

With Brexit’s controversy, Tespack realised that there is a fear brewing amongst UK graduates about their future as a result of the uncertainty that the country is facing. With this in mind, Tespack partnered with Aston University to provide its students with an internship that would change their perspective and tackle the issues as an entrepreneur would do. The goal remains to allow students to grow professionally as engineers and marketers but also as people, Tespack truly believes in the raw talent and the gifts that every individual possesses. Students are given the tools to feel and be in control of their future, develop entrepreneurial skills and become aware of their capabilities – Tespack believes that this can help to boost the success of the current and future generations, allowing them to not fear change or uncertainty, but take it as a challenge and grow from it.

Tespack has allowed graduates under this programme to be held responsible for aspects of projects, such as; Tespack Thunder power bank (power in less than 8 minutes!) and the First Smart Solar Helmet. These projects are groundbreaking with products that are a novelty in the market so they carry a lot of importance to the company and by allowing students to participate under the supervision of experts it demonstrates that their potential is limitless and that as long as they have the working ethics and are willing to do the hard work, everything can be achieved.

Tespack Founders, explained “We wanted to give every student, regardless of their background, age, gender, the opportunity to do great things and be valued. Brexit may provide a certain uncertainty to students but every entrepreneur knows that you can’t allow circumstances to take control of your path and we want to equip and guide students to achieve their goals without the fear of the future”

Tespack Thunder: The First 8 minute Smart Power Bank!   

Aston University – Creating Excellence

Aston University was the chosen university by Tespack due to the focus that it has on entrepreneurship with BSEEN supporting students to kick-start their own businesses, along with the strong focus on enhancing students’ employability and the diversity within the student body, which align perfectly with the purpose behind Tespack’s Internship Programme. Furthermore, Aston University has been awarded GOLD by the Teaching Excellence Framework – a clear indicator that Aston students are skilled, knowledgeable and possess great potential!

Aston’s University Students – Joining the Programme Testimonials 

Ana Simoes, Marketing Programme “My desire to work with Tespack stemmed from their mission and the forward thinking of wanting to provide energy to those who wish to be powered at all times in the most sustainable manner possible. Additionally, Tespack seemed to be the place that could help me grow and push myself  as the team has accomplished a great deal and possess the skills that could allow me to persevere in the world of work.”

Alfie Lloyd, Engineering Programme “I chose this innovative company not only because I believe in what they’re building but also because I can learn from industry leading mentors. And although moving to another country was daunting at first, the team gave me confidence that I would receive support the whole way. I’m glad I chose Tespack.”

Sophie Graham, Marketing Programme “Tespack have provided me with the opportunity to work in a start-up company who specialise in technology. This has given me the chance to explore new sectors and gain hands-on experience. With Tespack winning great awards and providing energy all around the World, I wanted to be a part of the great step toward the future of energy.”

Cameron Ditchfield, Engineering Programme “Tespack offered me the chance to work at an exciting and innovative start-up within a highly relevant industry, whilst also allowing me to experience a new country and culture.”

Tina Salimi, Marketing Programme “The main reason why I decided to do my internship at Tespack was because it was the one of the most innovative startups in its industry. Also, with the level of responsibility I would have I knew I would be able to gain the most experience as it was the most challenging.”

Vincent Yi, Engineering Programme  “The expertise gained at Tespack will equip me well for my future goals, as I plan to use the transferable skills gained to thrive within my last year of university. In my judgement Tespack offers many interesting challenges that unlock the limitations of the future.”

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