Tespack is proud to announce that we will be powering the StreetCEO Startup Reality TV Bootcamp, to help accelerate Africa’s Ecosystem! This is the first 24hr Startup Reality TV Show, which is set to air in 2019!

What is StreetCEO?

Africa is seeing a huge amount of potential within the entrepreneurial sector with many individuals wanting to start their own businesses but lacking the sufficient funding to make so happen, this is a factor which requires changing for Africa to flourish and live to its true potential!

StreetCEO consist of Bi-annual events which are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and see what experienced investors think of their startups and how it stands up to the competition. Bringing together the best elements of the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley, leading tech corporations, disruptive startups, business incubators, R&D centers, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, universities and top industry experts!

What is the aim?

The aim of the show is to provide a networking platform for high-tech entrepreneurs from different African countries and a variety of ethnic backgrounds, to pitch their cool Startup ideas in order to receive backing from venture capital investors, Angel investors, corporate partners and help grow global companies. Along with this comes the aim of educating and supporting entrepreneurs in Africa while enhancing aspects of technology partnership between Africa and the World.

How is Tespack powering StreetCEO?

Tespack is happy to be providing its power for these tech entrepreneurs to work on a mobile basis, allowing them to be connected at all times and have the access to energy they need to work on their ideas, without any restrictions.

With Tespack being awarded as one of the best Energy Startups in the EU and Top 50 in the World, the Founders will be on hand to provide these tech entrepreneurs with all the skills and knowledge they need to take their business ideas global, as well as providing energy solutions to help them achieve their goals on the go and in the most craziest ways.  Tespack has the ability to make individuals more energy independent with their array of products ranging from Smartpacks and Power Banks combining innovation and solar tech.

“Indeed STREETCEOs is blessed having TESPACK as our partners for being a disruptive in the global mobile energy space and taking Africa as a top priority and has been doing a alot of humanitarian projects through some of their global partners.

I am so super excited and can’t wait to power on some of our production equipments and also seeing our 25 successful cohorts using TESPACK to power on their laptops and other devices during the 24hrs tech startups reality TV Bootcamp accademy show happening Godwilling in Kenya April 7th through June 8th 2019.”

Charles Idonije

Some of Tespack’s most popular products are the Beetle 20K Solar Laptop Charger, which can charge your laptop up to 10 times and allows you to take as many devices with you on the go, while charging them using the sun with the top of the market 7W Solar panel integrated into the backpack. Alongside the 10K Power Bank which allows you to charge 3 devices at once with the ability to recharge from two different connectors; micro USB and Type C cables. Powering Smartphones 3 and a half times!




Want to help make a difference and accelerate Africa’s Ecosystem?

To give these talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to fulfil their dreams beyond the restrictions they face in a country that struggles to provide the economic infrastructure to make it possible, you can contribute in a variety of ways. Currently the show requires

* Media Partners


*Incubation/Accelerators and Internship program partners

*Mentors/Facilitators for the daily Masterclasses

*Tech VCs and Angel investors.

If you find that you fulfil any of these requirements or can assist obtaining them, get in touch to info@tespack.com and together we can help support Africa’s entrepreneurs.



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