Tespack Powering The IESMA Event!

Tespack is happy to announce yet another great partnership with the conference and industrial exhibition ‘Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications’ (IESMA) at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre, LITEXPO.

This incredible event, which is taking place between the 15th of November, 2018, will be carried out by the Governmental Entites Scientific Technical Center “Delta” of the Ministry of Defence Georgia and the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence. Where Tespack will be powering and showcasing out latest energy solutions to government officials, rescue teams and humanitarian workers.


What is IESMA?

IESMA represents the exploring of the best practices and technologies, to take energy efficiency to the next level, in the governmental entities. It counts with various experts from various areas: governmental entities, industry and academia to come together. These knowledgeable individuals are to share and discuss lessons learnt on this topic to move forward on the fundamental and extremely important subject:  advancing energy efficiency for governmental rescue teams 


Tespack Powering at the IESMA

It is with pleasure that Tespack will be present and powering at the exhibition with it’s own top of the market products. Products which have made a significant difference in the lives of many individuals. Energy solutions being used by the biggest NGO’s Save the Children, Plan International and organisations such as the United Nations, where Tespack’s tech is being used for life-changing causes. In 2018, Tespack supported Aid workers in Sudan in partnership with Save the Children, where many individuals live in hunger, conflict and extreme poverty and in need of help. Also in 2018, Tespack operated on the Breswana Project where it enabled 450 children who lived in remote areas, to have an education.

We are proud to provide support to the causes that matter and those who fight for a better world, whether they are rescue workers, humanitarian agencies or armed forces, our goal is to help make the world a better place by taking the power of energy solutions further!

With this in mind, Tespack will be powering the event by providing all the energy and power to visitors and VIP guests, giving those at the event, a taste of the power of Tespack. VIP Guests such as High-Ranking Governmental Officers and Rescue Team Officers, will also be given free Tespack mobile energy solutions!

Our stand is number 19, and you can expect to see Tespack on the following dates: 14th to 15th of November, 2018.

Stop by and experience the power of Tespack.


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