Tespack powers the coolest coding event of the year!

Tespack will be starting the year of 2019 partnering with one of the greatest coding events – CodeFreeze! An unconference part of Software Craft and Testing conferences (SoCraTes) which are organized all around Europe, CodeFreeze in particular is an unconventional coding conference in Kiilopaa, beautiful Finland.

Want to know more?

It consists of a week where software crafts people come together to learn, exchange skills and tips, and practice coding. Those attending are also greeted by the beautiful Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights, not to mention the array of fun activities, making this event much more than just a cool coding conference… it also makes for the perfect winter holiday!

In the mood for a sauna? Fancy going on a sleigh pushed by reindeers? Ever thought of skiing under the Northern Lights? Or coding under the Northern lights with unlimited Tespack power, capturing beautiful shots of the nature surrounding you? If any of these appeal to you and you are a coding lover, then get yourself to CodeFreeze’s website and don’t miss out on the chance to attend!

Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself with a quote from Markus Tacker, a Software Crafter  with 20+ years of experience who claims to return as soon as he can to CodeFreeze:

“The conference has been a breathtaking experience and we will definitely be go there again, not only for the conference, but for the beautiful nature that the national park offers.” Markus Tacker, 20+ years Software Crafter . 

What are you waiting for? Get your unlimited Tespack power!

Maybe this… Tespack will be powering the event with its best-sellers. The Beetle Backpack, 20K Power Bank and Mini 5K Power Bank will be sold with a 20% discount, for those attending the event.

This way, you do not have to worry about having to be glued to a wall-socket to have battery on your phone or laptop!  Whatever the plan is, whether to go skiing or to stay inside next the fireplace, Tespack will provide you with the power and energy you need, so you can fully enjoy your week without any sort of energy restrictions!

   With Tespack you can go anywhere, at anytime!


Cloudy conditions and low battery but you want to explore the Kiilopaa fells? No problem, Tespack’s Beetle Solar Backpack has the best solar panels made of exceptional quality, meaning you can charge your devices even if the clouds cover the sky!

Need to charge two devices at once? The 20K Power Bank is for you, charge your mobile phone AND laptop all at once, multiple times!

Want to charge your devices but are scared of breaking the power bank? Mini 5K has you written all over it, dustproof, waterproof and SHOCKproof!

GET YOUR 20% OFF with the code ‘CODEFREEZE’

Whatever you need, for whatever occasion under whatever condition.


LED indicators – Unlimited Energy (Solar and can power laptops) – Anti-theft – App included – Weather notifications – SOS Automates System – Black box recording (similar tech to airplanes) All data gets recorded; routes, impact ratio, time, date, pictures of impact to have all information needed for insurance appeals or police reports.

Coming soon to Indiegogo!

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