Powering African-Nordic Conference 2018

At Tespack we have always believed in providing you with the best opportunities for FREEDOM and POWER that is why we have partnered up with the African-Nordic Business Conference 2018   which will provide one full day with many high profile speakers, more than 450 participants, 150+ organisations and startups gathered in one place. All fully powered to initiate new collaborations.

Meet African and Nordic change agents connecting business representatives to teach valuable knowledge and support on how to network contacts with pioneers in a wide range of industries and for various types of businesses! Providing you with the platform for building sustainable growth by pairing innovation and knowledge transfer credentials of the Nordics with the extensive growth and business potential in Africa! The event will also  help to address the economic growth and social challenges we have today as a global community.





Come to  AFRICAN-NORDIC CONFERENCE powered by TESPACK and meet people from the Founder and CEO of  MyGrowthFund, Founding Director and CEO of Innate Investment Solutions, CEO of Finnfund, CEO of Steward Bank and so many more influential speakers! Check all the speakers HERE

As well as bringing you one of the most powerful platforms for Entrepreneurs, we have come up with the best promotional deal! Any ticket purchased will provide you with a FREE Tespack power bank (Laptop Charger 20K or Mini solar power bank) to keep you powered in all your business meetings!

Grab your tickets today with one of our special bundles:


Tespack 20k Laptop Charger

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