During his time in the military and also outdoors experiences our CEO and founder Mario Aguilera always thought that energy is the most important part of technology as lives depended on it. As an infantry soldier and special forces officer he experienced the loss of power and its limitations first hand while training in remote areas in South-America with his unit. 

This was the moment when Tespack was born as a company. This particular needs happens every day with rescue personnel, NGO’s, military personnel and outdoors enthusiasts.  Our vision as a company went further as the world of IoT entered our space and as wearables opened a new horizon of opportunities. Now we are able to track and automate energy. Our vision is to make energy mobile and to create products that can power the needs of all professionals under any circumstances and when possible integrate clean energy sources in our process.


Tespack has made it its mission to become the biggest energy supplier outside peoples homes, making everyone energy independent. Working with state of the art technology and focusing on reducing carbon footprint. Tespack has been focused on creating the best quality and well designed products in order to track generation and usage. 

Automation and machine learning is in our product roadmap and we should be able to implement this in some of our products soon.


Tespack products are tested by scientists, astronauts and our executives (Starting with our CEO to ensure the best quality are met). We practice something we call D.E.P.D. Deep empathy process of development. Which means that we develop products hand in hand with our customers to guarantee complete satisfaction.  


Together with a multi-talented team, Tespack has been able to create the best products and will keep expanding their product line further.

Our hiring motto as a company is “It is better to have 10 lions than 1000 sheep” . As long as we have an outstanding team there is nothing we are unable to create and improve.

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