First Consumer “Mobile Solar Power Plant” based

on Army Design and Experience!

The last 12 months Tespack has been working closely with armies developing New Technology and products. All of our products have been well received due to our technology and durability, giving us the drive to push the principles on which solar energy works as it is dependant “unfortunately” on the Sun. We have on a daily basis only 8 to 10 hours of effective sun available (unless you are based in Finland but no worries, our panels work even on a cloudy weather) which is great when it is used on  a building or a house. However, if you are a moving target (using army terminology) like a soldier, rescue team, or traveller, it is not so ideal for the following reasons:

Most common problems for soldiers and extreme travellers

  • They demand immediate energy and most importantly reliable charge as their life/lives depend on it. This cannot happen in constant movement and in few hours on sunlight during a day (8hrs to 10 hrs).
  • More weight or equipment means less food for the soldier or extreme traveller.
  • They are on constant movement (it has to be practical and easy to use).

Tespack to the rescue! NEW Direct Solar Charging with TesLink!

Now you can save time and charge your Smartphone or Tablet directly from the Sun! To power bigger devices (DSLR cameras or Laptops) our power banks’ technology will help you harvest the energy in any type of environment! Now you can be charged at any point of the day with Teslink and harvest your energy into our power banks once your devices have been fully charged!

Do you own a Tespack Smartpack? and want to direct Solar Charge your devices, get your Teslink HERE.


First Consumer “Mobile Solar Power Plant”

What is the common factor in a military unit? People. And many of them! We thought that what if we could share the weight of a solar plant equally between all of them while on a deployment? This would be the solution for consumers travelling in groups carrying everything with minimum weight and have the capacity to Solar Fast Charge their devices. Therefore now with Tesloop you can Fast charge or create your own Mobile Power Plant when you meet your friends or simply purchase more Panels. 
What does this mean? With 4 Tespack Solar Panels you can already have the same speed as a wall charger to recharge our Power Banks. Imagine how many devices you can power using our Tespack 20K power bank? Up to 13 Smartphones just with 5 Hours of Sunlight (20 Minutes per phone)! Or even better, give you up to 10 Hours of Energy for your Laptop!

TesLoop Connector

Do you own a Tespack Smartpack and want to Solar Fast charge? Get extra Panels HERE (includes. TesLoop).

Note: Our Power banks are essential to harvest the energy at a fast speed.


Tespack Army Solution Packages

What a better way to celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones than to provide them the best solution to stay POWERED at all times. Plus you can always borrow their panel to fast charge your devices (hint hint) and create your own Solar Power Plant, wherever the adventure takes you whether is business or leisure.

Sun Charge Directly – Solar Kits


Charge Laptops!

Charge Laptops!

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