Meet the man who climbed Kilimanjaro over 150 times!

A Climb for Technology – Part 2

Welcome back to our Climb for Technology blog series. Two weeks ago we introduced Mario Aguilera, our CEO who climbed Kilimanjaro for the benefits and improvements of our products. Mario is the second Bolivian person ever to have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. Because of this, we understand just how difficult the climb is for most, and how many give up before reaching the summit. Mario had the pleasure of meeting Hudson, who we are honoured to introduce to you as our latest Ambassador! Hudson has the incredible career of helping people all over the World reach their goal of climbing in one of the most incredible seven summits in the World … Kilimanjaro.

Meet Tespack’s New  Ambassador & our Kilimanjaro Expert!

At Tespack we take utmost pride in all of our ambassadors; valuing them greatly into the support and development of our energy products. We had the pleasure to interview our new ambassador the inspirational Hudson Mwakalinga. Hudson is a porter for Mount Kilimanjaro; who has climbed the mountain OVER 150 times in his lifetime! He started when he was just 20 years old. We were eager to learn about Hudson’s experiences and his tips for anyone considering climbing and conquering the top of Africa’s roof. 

Hudson’s inspiration and decision to become a porter came from someone very close and dear to him. “My father encouraged me to start climbing and pursue it as a career. He is a tour guide too, a very experienced one. He would come home and tell me stories about life in the mountains”. Hudson says his father has climbed it over 400 times!

We can only imagine the amazing stories Hudson used to hear. This would be significant enough to fuel anyone’s ambitions to become a porter and even more to encourage Hudson to find what he loves doing the most… climbing as well as supporting others to achieve their dreams at the same time!

What makes Kilimanjaro so special to Hudson?

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“The fact that Mount Kilimanjaro is snow-capped all year long… is kind of bizarre taking into consideration it lies near the equator”.

These intense weather conditions would make the ascent difficult for anyone. As Hudson has climbed the mountain over 150 times, his mental and physical determination is truly honourable. Possessing the abilities to climb this beautiful mountain regardless of how extreme the weather conditions can be, makes Hudson a true Kilimanjaro expert! As well as the perfect ambassador to test our Tespack Solar Backpacks and power banks  in rigid weather conditions as well as keeping him safe during those long and demanding trips.

The Best 4 Kilimanjaro Routes!

Out of all 7 routes possible for Kilimanjaro, Hudson reveals his favourite route is the Machame route as he has “grown to love it” after climbing it so often while creating many new experiences. The Machame Route climb can be done in a minimum of six days (five nights). We were also eager to learn the best routes for different preferences –



For Beautiful Scenery “The best route for scenery would have to be the Lemosho route. It is one of the longest routes and offers some stunning views of the mountain from varied angles and terrain.”

(Duration = 8 days)



For Physical Challenge: The Umbwe route is best for physical challenge – “it demands a lot of physical strength together with maximum mental strength” He also goes on to explain how this route is the shortest yet hardest route. His advice; “Anyone who wants to challenge this route would have to be very prepared.”

(Duration = 6 days)

For Fun with Friends: The Marangu route is enjoyable with friends. Hudson says it “does not require as much physical strength as the rest of the routes.” This enjoyable route is emphasised with its nickname ‘the Coca-Cola route’! Hudson says the nickname stems from “many people perceiving it to be the easiest route.” Hudson advises any climbers who just want to have fun “without too much toil” to climb Marangu.

 (Duration = 5-6 days)

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Let us know what routes would you take for your next Kilimanjaro trip? Comment below!

Stay tuned, as next week we will be releasing the 3 most important tips when Climbing Kilimanjaro!

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