At Tespack our focus is for fair and equal access to energy in all parts of the world. Especially in those communities where the energy and power is unreachable. What better way to help reach our goal than to partner up with one of the biggest NGOs in the world. Plan International.

Over the last decade, Plan International has developed, selected, tested and
scaled up a number of technologies for use in development programs. With the idea behind it being a portfolio of digital solutions to facilitate the selection, deployment and support of useful technologies in organizations, and to inspire development actors to create tailor-made solution packages.

At Tespack we have been experimenting with the technologies we have along with our expertise and knowledge of the renewable energy sector to incorporate this in the Solar Media Backpack, making it a unique experience and allows to access energy to power futures.

Plan International will be showcased the ‘Solar Media Backpack’ on Wednesday at the presentation of digital solutions for development cooperation programs in Helsinki, Finland. They Presented to other major NGOs, such as; the Finnish Foreign Ministry and private companies such as Accenture. Tespack were also there to showcase all of our latest innovations as well as demonstrating how to use the ‘Solar Media Backpack’ and providing tips and our experiences.

This project is very special as we have been working tirelessly to create a one of a kind, state of the art Backpack, where you are able to generate enough energy to power an entire classroom fully functional. This is done by incorporating power electronics (power banks station), Anti-kidnapping tracker and GPS tracker, easy to deploy; can be carried with you onto any airplane and shipped from any courier. Finally, integrating software and application into the bag, to be able to track and monitor anytime, anywhere.

Testing a product in the office of the research and development department is necessary. However you never know what the product will encounter when functioning in the environment it is meant for. Our CEO and Founder, Mario Aguilera went to Ethiopia to test the media backpack  and ensure the bag was fully functioning and helped power a school day, together with Plan international.

The backpack was able to power the projector board onto the wall in the classroom as well as functioning speakers to use for sound when a video was played! Assisting the teachers and making education even more exciting for the children!

The ‘Solar Media Backpack’ is a one of a kind in the market, and is the first step in creating affordable, fair and equal energy. This is will help POWER the future generations by giving them access to better quality education and setting them up for a brighter future. Everyone on the Tespack team is beyond proud to be working with such an amazing organisation and being able to make this project a reality!

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