There is a common factor in the movement of the universe, “Energy”. When we analyse the structure or DNA of things, most things need something in order to exist, “Energy”. Thus, at Tespack, we believe that energy is life itself and we treat it as the most important part of technology. 

When we analyse into the smallest part of the composition of things, “Atoms”, we understand that the core of it wouldn’t function without energy. This
shows us how important energy is for the existence of things and how this can positively influence our lifestyle and contribute to social causes, which was one of the drives when we developed
Tespack’s Mobile Energy Solutions!


In order to understand and promote the importance of energy, we have partnered with a set of outstanding and multitalented athletes, artists, scientists and models so we can understand how mobile energy affects their lives and as technology evolves and becomes more important in their daily routines, we shall be there in order to analyse the “Tespack” effect. We aim to bring to light people who are extraordinary in their fields to show their amazing stories and focus in depth how energy affects their performance in their personal but also professional environment as we develop better solutions for their needs.

We also want to break the myths and prejudice that have conditioned the minds of our younger generation, such as, you cannot be a scientist and at the same time be an amazing athlete. Or be a Victoria’s Secret model and be humble and contribute to your community, or perhaps to be a beautiful woman and an amazing martial artist at the same time.

Together with our new ambassadors, we will be showing the world how mobile energy can be used and create a positive impact on our lives or different fields. But also share their amazing and inspiring stories about what they do and how they have reached the top of their capabilities.

During the following weeks (every Tuesday), we will be introducing Tespack’s ambassadors from a Victoria Secret model to Astronauts! All united with one reasonThe Future of Energy”.


  • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
  • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups. 
  • We are a European company providing unique designs
  • We only use premium materials to provide the best customer experience
  • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design
  • Trusted Brand: High Profile Customer Testimonials

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