Since the beginning of the company, solar energy has been an important element of our vision “Future of Energy”. Why? Solar power is the easiest and most reliable way to generate your energy and power your devices when you are on-the-go. However, there are not many articles explaining ways on how to optimize the efficiency of our solar energy devices, so we decided to gather the most IMPORTANT 5 tips on how to improve your solar panel charging speed. Take a note!

  1. Charge outdoors.

First of all, please notice  that the hotter a place is, the slower the charging speed will be. High  temperatures reduce the solar cells efficiency. Therefore, in order to improve your solar panel charging speed, we totally recommend you to charge it outdoors in a well ventilated place. Tip for Tespack users: Our solar panels work perfectly when they are inside the backpacks, but if you take them out, they will work a bit faster. 

Improve your solar panel charging speed Klemens
Improve your solar panel charging speed Caritta
  1. If you can’t charge outdoors, open the window!

When you charge a solar power device through a window its efficiency decreases from 20% to 50%. Windows always prevent the solar cells to be fully active and sometimes even totally stop their activation. This situation happens especially when the windows have UV protection. Therefore open the window and let the solar power make its work.

  1. Be sure that the solar cells are facing the sun.

Yes, this point could be way too obvious, but too often we just set the solar panel flat on a table and think it’s going to work at 100%. But we are wrong, this may give you only half of the power, compared with tilting the panel towards the sun.  So please, always be sure that your solar panels are facing the sun. Also notice that if you are on-the-go, even if you think your device is facing the sun all the time, this won’t happen during the 100% of your walk. The inclination of the sun in relation to your device is going to be constantly changing, so the solar panel charging speed will decrease a bit.

Improve your solar panel charging speed Beatle
Improve your solar panel charging speed city
Improve your solar panel charging speed facing the sun
Improve your solar panel charging speed skating
  1. Not all solar panels have the same efficiency.

Even if they may look similar, not all solar panels work at the same speed. Crystalline solar panels can charge 2 times faster than thin film solar panels with the same size. In general terms, rigid solar panels are faster (and more durable) than the flexible ones. Therefore you would need to have flexible solar panels twice the size of rigid solar panels, in order to get the same power from them.
However, flexible panels are starting to catch up with the rigid ones… Stay tuned as we will be releasing more information about our upcoming technology on flexible panels!

  1. Use shorter Cables!

Having shorter cables connected from the solar panel to your devices will not increase your solar panel charging speed, but in general, will help you charge your devices at a faster speed as the wasted energy will be minimized. Though don’t forget that the cable needs to be long enough for the panel to reach full sun shine.

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